Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t this dress be perfect for a Poison Ivy costume?

It’s a cute design and one I’d wear in a heartbeat if I had something jazzy to go to. It was discounted from £575 to £230 on The Outnet, but it’s sadly all sold out now.

I haven’t done a proper New Year’s resolutions blog post this year, but one of the things I want to try to do is workout more. I’ve been trying to do more pilates and Wii sport (yeah, I know that’s not “proper” working out, but it’s COLD outside), but I really need to get out of the house more and start running again.

So when Nike contacted me whether I wanted to order a pair of shoes through their online store for free, I thought that was a great way to get running again! About 3 years ago, I ordered a gorgeous pair of Nike shoes which I completely customized (see above). You could choose your own colours, put special text on them and even choose different size shoes per foot. Now for most people that last option is completely useless, but for me with my two different sized feet (which is so very very annoying) it’s perfect. I wish more companies offered the option of doing that!

After looking around on the Nike website though, I realized that I’m still perfectly happy with the Nike pair I still have. They are 3 years old, but still perfectly fine. So instead I surprised Cristiano with a gift voucher! He customized a cool pair of running shoes, so that we can start jogging together again.

The Nike store customization site isn’t much different than it was 3 years ago. There’s quite a huge range of models to pick from, and with each model you can choose from a range of colours (and in some cases also materials). Then with some designs you can choose different sizes per foot, and the type of width (narrow, regular or wide). Finally, with almost all the shoes you can specify your “iD”, special text that can be anything you want, although it depends per model where that text is placed and how many characters you have (with some it’s on the heel, others on the side, and with others on the front).

The easiest way to customize a pair is to start off with a blank pair. You can then see exactly which pieces of the shoes you can choose the colour for and keep track of which ones you’ve already selected. Btw, if you’ve got the Nike+ iPod set (or plan to get one in the future), make sure you pick a model with a + in the name; those designs have special compartments in the soles to place the iPod transmitter.

Here’s the design Cristiano ended up with:

It might be a bit of a cheesy tip, but for me having a pair of pretty jogging shoes, ones that I actually put some of my own time into designing, is a great way to motivate myself to run again. Just looking at the pair above makes me wanna go outside and run again!

If you want to design your own pair of Nike shoes, check out the Nike store. Fill in the code FREEDEL at checkout to receive free delivery.

The Golden Globes were yesterday and I managed to stay up to watch a live stream of it. The actual awards were mostly quite predictable with The Social Network winning Best Picture Drama and Best Director.

I always love checking out the gorgeous dresses at these type of awards shows, and this year the one that stood out for me was Olivia Wilde. Her dress is just so pretty:

I’m not surprised though; a lot of the dresses she’s worn in the past have been favourites of mine. My all time award show favourite (that I’d so buy if I had an award show to go to) is this ivory Reem Acra:

Very Disney princess, right?

Me Haz: Galena Boots

November 16th, 2010

I’ve been looking for a new pair of boots for some time now, and I finally found a pair I liked in San Francisco. I’ve been wearing knee high boots as my main shoe wear for a solid 8 years now, and decided that I should change it up a bit. I’m so happy with these new boots I found:

I didn’t realise these shoes were so high, when I bought them; they make me taller than my sister! They are a whole lot higher than what I’m used to, but I think I manage to look semi-stable on them. They were $90, but I got them with a 30% discount. Yay me!

I went shopping yesterday, mainly for presents for family, but I ended up finding some great items in the sale. The main one I’m really happy with is this heart back dress:

Heart back jersey dress 1

It’s a bit like the skater’s dress I bought last month. Nice and easy material and fits exactly. It’s perfect for a day outside!

Heart back jersey dress 2

The dress is available in 5 colours: black, navy (both pictured above), greyhound, prawn cocktail and fushsia. I was boring again and went with black, but the other colours just don’t suit me (although maybe the blue will, but I didn’t see that one there). Depending on the colour the dress is £10-£12.

Ever since getting my bridesmaid’s dress from Laura Ashley, I’m kind of digging some of their designs. I still find most of their stuff a bit too stuffy and proper, but some dresses look really cute.

This first one is leaning towards the too ‘neat and proper’, but I think with the accessories it could look awesome.

And this second just looks elegant:

Both dresses are on sale right now, and are only available in limited sizes.

Fashion Focus: DUO Boots Sale

January 31st, 2010

I blogged about DUO Boots a couple of months ago; these boots are just so gorgeous! And yet I still haven’t gotten a pair yet (mainly cause my current set of boots are still fine and I can’t really justify getting a new pair), but now they’re having a sale… so I’m tempted. So very tempted.

The great thing about DUO is that they offer calf-fitted boots. So besides just giving your foot size, you also get to specify your calf width for the perfect fit. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Sicily: Platform leather boot with stacked heel, flattering double stitched front panel and a softly sculpted almond toe. Colours: Black leather, Brown leather. Lining material: Fabric. Heel height: 9cm heel plus 1cm platform. Zip: Full-length. Cushioned insole. £120 £75 (black) and £95 (brown)


Madeira – Opulent over the knee boot with an asymmetric toe and a covered platform & heel and button detail. Vary your look with the optional turn down cuff. Colours: Black leather, Teal suede. Lining material: Leather. Heel height: 8.5cm £245 £170 (teal) and £185 (black)


Olbia – Classic, elegant knee high boots with pointed toe and leather covered heel. Colours: Black leather. Lining material: Fabric. Heel height: 9cm. Zip: Full-length. £145 £115


Rochelle – Captivatingly sleek stiletto heeled boots with front panel detail and neatly rounded toe. Colours: Black leather, Cocoa brown leather. Lining material: Fabric. Heel height: 9cm. Zip: Full-length £145 £85 (brown) and £100 (black)


Jesolo – Stunning crinkle patent leather boots with covered platform sole and heel. A beautiful sleek silhouette with minimal detailing and a flattering front seam. Colours: Jet black crinkle patent. Lining material: Leather. Heel height: 9cm. £205 £140.


Toscana – Stylish asymmetric toe knee high boots made from soft suede and glossy patent leather with suede covered buckled straps and button detail. Colours: Black suede & patent leather, Amethyst purple suede & patent leather. Lining material: Leather. Heel height: 9cm £215 £155 (purple) and £170 (black)


Besides offering these lovely boots they’ve also got normal shoes (which you can also order with a specific shoe width). My favourites:

Alina: Beautifully flattering leather high heels, with tonal patent trim and neat velvet bow. Colours: Black leather & patent leather, Toffee leather & patent leather, Violet leather & patent leather. Lining material: Leather. Heel height: 8cm. Cushioned insole. £75 £35 (black), £50 (toffee) and £60 (violet)


Mona: Elegant 1930’s style two tone Mary-Jane. Incorporating brogue detail and velvet lace tie with a rounded toe. Colours: Black & white leather, Chocolate & cream leather, Jet & ruby crinkle patent leather. Lining material: Leather. Heel height: 8cm. Cushioned insole. £80 £40 (chocolate & cream), £55 (jet & ruby and black & white)


Cecile: Mary-Jane shoe with an almond shaped toe and double strap. Colours: Emerald green patent leather & suede, Amethyst purple patent leather & suede, Ruby red patent leather & suede, Jet black patent leather & suede. Lining material: Leather. Heel height: 9cm. Cushioned insole. £80 £40 (red), £55 (purple, black, teal)


There are tons more on the DUO Boots site. I have no idea till when this sale is though, so if you want to get a pair, I wouldn’t wait too long!

Fashion Focus: Kate Spade

January 28th, 2010

Another two dresses I’ve fallen for:

Graphic Garland Nelly Sweater Dress in black/red/purple and black/cream – $375


Broome Street Rosie Dress in black/cream – $355


I love the black, red and purple colour combo in both dresses!

Last year in April I wrote about a cool Etsy shop I had come across that sells tattoo socks, see-through socks with tattoo-like designs printed on them. Since then they’ve added a couple more designs to the store and I knew I had to share them with you:


A Twitter “follow me” design! Not sure whether I’d ever wear this, but I know some people who would love these socks!


The Octopus one is super cute! Although this one is my favourite design:


There are 6 different colours, but it depends per design which colours are available: white, ultra pale, light mocha, deep mocha, cafe latte and grey. The socks come in knee-high and thigh-high length, in sizes S-XXL, and the prices range from $13-$23.

Check out the Etsy store to see more designs and to get a pair for yourself.

I really liked this year’s Project Runway finalists and from all of them I found Carol Hannah’s my favourite. Via A Cup of Jo I found out she has an Etsy store!

The dresses are all outside my current budget, but surprisingly not TOO far out of my current budget, all ranging from $180-$300. Here are my two favourites:

Afternoon Cupcakes Dress – $195

“You know those go-to pieces in your closet? The ones you reach for first when you’re running late or are having a lazy day? The ones you hope to goodness aren’t in the dirty laundry hamper? File this dress under that category!

Perfect for an afternoon stroll, shopping, or meeting friends for coffee and cupcakes.

Long sleeved jersey dress with clean scoop neck and skirt featuring six cascading draped points. Tie at waist….and pockets! (Oh, how I loovvvve pockets!) Invisible zipper at side.

Wear with:
-Flats or cowboy boots!
-Something pretty in your hair.
-A smile on your face. 

Available in teal (shown), amethyst, spice, or black in XS-XL.”

Carol Hannah 1

Vanderhorst Street Dress – $275

“This dress is an alternate version of the PR dress in black with cleaner lines. It reminds me of the ironwork on Vanderhorst Street, where I used to live!

Wear with:
-architectural jewelry
-chunky shoes
-a nude glossy lip

98% cotton, 2% lycra, brushed cotton stretch sateen with a beautiful finish. Invisible zipper at center back and kick pleat at back. Fully boned inner bustier to waist.”

Carol Hannah 2

Take a look at Carol Hannah’s Etsy store to see more designs.