I wish my Photoshop fu was this good:

I’ve just started with my wedding planning: and I’m realizing there’s just so much stuff to do! This is pretty cool though: an Ignite wedding.

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I know it’s been ages since I last wrote something here, but to make up for it here’s “Rory” singing his own Doctor Who version of Let It Go:

Video of The Day: Let It Go

December 17th, 2013

I finally went to see Frozen yesterday and I loved it! One of my favourite moments of the movie is Idina Menzel’s rendition of Let It Go:

Dinosaur, you used to be here, but you’re not anymore…

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“May the cookies ever be in your flavour”.



Can’t wait until the 50th anniversary episode.

This came out a while back and chances are most of you have seen it, but I was reminded of it again at last Thursday’s Geeky Science and realized I hadn’t actually blogged about it at the time. So good:

What if Game of Thrones was a romantic comedy?