By now most of you Leopard users out there will have discovered the “cute” Blue Screen of Death for network Windows machines. And most of you should know the significance of the ICal Date (July 17th 2002 was the day Apple introduced ICal at the MacWorld Expo). But today I stumbled on some other cool Easter Eggs in Leopard.

Windows Blue Screen of DeathICal

It started by stumbling on this post about the TextEdit icon. If you take a look at the TextEdit icon in Coverflow, you can actually read the text on it. Seems familiar? It’s the monologue from the Think Different commerical (see here). But who are Kate and John Appleseed? John Appleseed could refer to Johnny Appleseed, an American pioneer that introduced the apple (the fruit, not the computer) to some parts of America. The “Kate” character is a bit more difficult to pinpoint. Some believe it’s a reference to the KDE text editor, while others believe it refers to Katie Cotton, the Apple Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications. One thing is certain: both names have also been used in iPhone ads: Kate Bell is calling at the end of this commercial and John Appleseed is calling in the middle image here.


Then you also have the Keynote icon. Blown up in Coverflow you get this:


Ken Drake managed to decode the text and it reads this:

God, I dreamed there was an angel Who could hear me through the wall As I cried out-like, in Latin “This is so not life at all Help me out-out-of this nightmare” Then I heard her silver call- She said: “Just give it time, kid I come to one and all”

She said: “Give me that hand, please And the itch you can’t control Let me teach you how to handle All the sadness in your soul Oh, we’ll work that silver magic Then we’ll aim it at the wall” She said: “Love may make you blind kid- But I wouldn’t mind at all”

It’s the bitch of living (Bitch, just a bitch) With nothing but your hand (Just a bitch, yeah) Just the bitch of living As someone you can’t stand See, each night, it’s like fantastic- Tossing, turning, without rest

It’s the first lines of the song “The Bitch of Living” from the musical “Spring Awakening”. The big question here though is: why this song and what is the significance of Q4 2008? Is something big going to happen then?

Two other cute discoveries are the icons from Dictionary and Mail. The Dictionary icon has the text “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet Etiam” on it. The typical Lorem Ipsum doesn’t continue with Etiam, but some quick googling shows that there are some generators that use this version. Another explanation is that one translation of Etiam is And Further, which could be interpreted as a type of Etcetera.


If you look closely at the Mail icon you can see an Apple stamp on it with the words “Hello from Cupertino CA” around it.


There are other interesting icons, but so far no one has been able to figure out what they mean. For instance, the Calculator icon has the number 12374218.75 on it. What does this number mean?? No idea. And the Stickies icon has had for every long time the phone number of Lou on it (555-7361). Who’s Lou?


I also have a feeling that both the Numbers icon and the Spaces icon also have some hidden message within them. Especially the top left space in the Spaces icon has to contain something interesting.


Anybody else found other cool easter eggs in Leopard?


Bentley says:

The calculator icon is missing the numbers 6 and 9

Frank says:

Ok, no 6 no 9 the rest of the Numberblock will show an L like Leopard ;o)

macha88 says:

555 numbers are usually fictional.

someguy says:

The little transparent part of the CD on the iTunes icon says “ITUNES 7 APPLE 2006″.

Shat Brickner says:

I just noticed the number on the calculator, and a google search brought me here, I wonder what that number means. I probably should be working, but MACS ARE SO INTERESTING. Whats that? I forgot to send my timesheet in? Who cares this computer looks so CUTE.

Melinda says:

@Bentley & @Frank: But this number has been around before Leopard.

@macha88: I know, but Lou still could be some crazy reference.

@someguy: Cool, hadn’t looked at the iTunes icon yet.

@Shat: I’m still trying to discover the meaning of that number on the calculator out. So far, nothing though.

chris says:

Ical has a hidden stereogram. If you look at ical like you would a normal sterogram then the calendar becomes 3-D. pretty kewl check it out. 8-)

Nonymus says:

The Stickies reflection says “Wirk”!!! Conspiracy Theory!
@everyone: Bow down before Apple

12374218.75 says:

Pretty sure the green sticky note says Welcome to (Stickies?) for Mac OS X

palace says:

notice how the girl on photobooth looks happiest with her glasses off.

Timebomb16 says:

i think that the number may have been the number of songs sold to the date in iTunes (when the app was made or something)

Timebomb16 says:

and something i js noticed is if you zoom in on the iTunes 7 icon it says iTunes Apple 2006

Timebomb16 says:

sorry about all the posts >.<

but i think i figured out the “Q4″ it’s just when apple announces their quarterly earnings (look at the old pages icon).

nonymus says:

the disk utility says internal disk on the black rectangle at the back, a bunch of the developer tools have writing on their icons. does anyone know what they say?

Blake says:

also on the itunes icon it says 2/08/06

Chris says:

I think the calculator icon number refers to the date the first apple computers (the apple 1) went into production. I came to this conclusion as follows:


The .75 refers to the year 1975, the year Jobs and Wozniak formed Apple.

The 12374218 is the number of seconds into the year 1975 (143 days = May 23rd).

So I did a bit of research, Apple was formed on april fools day. Jobs and Wozniak sold their van and a calculator in may to pay for the production of the first series of computers. My bet is that May 23rd was the beginning of production.

Of course, all of this is my best guess, and could be completely wrong.


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Adi says:

lol did anyone try placing 12374218.75 in a map????
well it’s pretty close to Cupertino, CA
I think that am the first person to figure it out. Wow another success for my diary
put it in here

If luvs a disease den im very ill.but i dont want medicine i wont take no pill.i will suffer dis illness cos it makes me see exactly how much u mean 2 me!

paleo says:

Just one more thing to add about the Calculator number. If you drop the decimal and convert it to unix time (Macs are BSD-based) you get the date of March 19, 2009 at 00:17 GMT. I’ve been searching for a correlation on that date and the only thing that my conspiracy thinking mind could find was an article that mentioned Steve Ballmer said “the tide has really turned against Apple.”


Also, since the calculator app has shown those numbers since Leopard, maybe that was an original, internal release date for Snow Leopard (which came out about 6 months after the March 19th date) that the UI developers put in.

Just more food for thought…

Ian G. says:

Maybe the calculator icon is referring to a date in Unix time (

I ran it through a quick calculator and found that it registers the date 5/24/1970 5:16:58 GMT.

Reference to something in Apple history maybe?

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The2DQuartet says:

@ Chris, Adi & Ian G:

The calculator reminded me of Google making a similar reference on their planned earnings report. After checking on it the number turns out to be different but maybe for Apple it refers to something else of significance.

Quote from the article “10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Google” on
“A bonus factoid from Google’s IPO process is the value Google stated it hoped to raise on its S-1 form — as much as $2,718,281,828. It may just look like a string of numbers to non-mathletes, but 2,718,281,828 is actually the first ten digits of the mathematical constant ““e”,” showing that even as their company was planning to go public, the Google guys could still geek out with a bit of numerical humor.”


(Item no. 2 in the list)

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Curtis says:

12 374 218.75 Just for fun, enter this into Google Earth and see where it takes you.

Ned says:

Does anyone know what the shadow under the stool in Photobooth looks like? It doesn’t look like a stool. Also, what do the letters under “HIGHLIGHTER” in Highlight say? If you enter the calc. numbers into Google Earth, it is pretty close to that place that is mentioned in Mail. In Stickies, Lou is (or was) the “pen artist” for Apple. 7361 in letters is PEN1. Does NE have significance in the Safari icon?


the directory utility icon (in /System/Library/CoreServices along with many other cool things) has a compass where north points towards cupertino, california, and the arrow points up


the java runner icon (same place) has real java code on it

David says:


[...]6 Woah this is just an insane amount of info, must of taken ages to compile s wm[...]…

kvalster kuddar…

[...]d healthier hair is of course mainly due to genetics but food supplementation dr[...]…

[...] Fo, e dell’originale sono su Altre chicche e allusioni nascoste sono descritte qui (solo per cultori del Mac; e se siete cultori, non perdetevi il libro di Antonio Dini, Emozione [...]

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