Episode 15: “Do you believe in miracles?” “No

I just watched Battlestar Galactica: Razor and now I’m just craving for more episodes. I can’t stand it that SciFi Channel has the nerve to wait till April to broadcast the episodes; I want them now! On the other hand, I’ve kind of made peace with the fact that the second half of the season will be shown next TV season. When the writer’s strike started, most of those episodes hadn’t been written yet and with the writer’s strike not being resolved yet, it will take some time till they’re recorded and broadcast. In other words, even if they had wanted to show it after the first half of the season, they wouldn’t have been able to. Either way we would have had to wait.

Back to business: I’ve got two videos for you guys today. The first is a promo from the SciFi channel for the fourth season for BSG. The second is a mini featurette of season 4, containing clips and cast interviews. Watch them at your own risk; there are (of course) new scenes and spoilers. Although I have a feeling that most of the stuff is from the first (and maybe the second) episode.