Episode 54: “Cute bike, aww”

In my previous post I talked about The Dark Knight ARG event, which led to a showing of the newest trailer (which I missed) in 12 major cities. At each screening one lucky person won a reel with the trailer on it and everybody thought it was only the trailer they had just all seen. And it is. Kind of.

The reel contains the exact same trailer, only every single frame in it has been defaced by the Joker! Chris Presswell, the winner of the London reel, discovered this first and you can find photographs of almost every frame on his blog. Some of the “comments” of the Joker are pure brilliance (I had to laugh at the “Me me me” and “Boring part”).

Now some of the other reels have actually been played in a projector and for our convenience been put on YouTube. So far we’ve got the Chicago reel and Dallas reel, and I’m sure the reels from other cities will follow soon. The cool part is the defacings were all done by hand and they differ between the featured reels. I’m curious to see if there’s also something of a hidden clue in this all.

The Chicago reel:

The Dallas reel: