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I’m still not completely sure what I think of the sit-com The Big Bang Theory. For those who don’t know this TV series, it’s about two nerdy, geeky housemates and the pretty but slightly dumb blonde who moves in across the hall from them. On one side it’s aiming very much to the geek crowd, with insider jokes only geeks will understand. On the other side though it features stereotypical geeks and makes fun of them.

All that aside, in this week’s episode Sheldon explains the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, a variation of the known game Rock, Paper, Scissors:

Apparently¬†it’s been around for some time already (invented by Sam Kass), and has been floating around as a internet meme. Here are the rules one more time:

It can be even more elaborate though; check this version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun, Dynamite, Nuke, Lightning, Devil, Dragon, Alien, Water, Bowl, Air, Moon, Sponge, Wolf, Cockroach, Tree, Man, Woman, Monkey, Snake, Axe, Fire, Sun.


Zeek says:

Well I happen to love these guys! They always make me laugh out loud in some part of the episode.

Of course they all pick Spock when they play it- I would too! LOL!

Zeek says:

ooo Did you catch the one where they played Klingon Boggle? TOO funny!

Melinda says:

Oh, I do love them too and I’ve never had an episode where I haven’t laughed. It’s just some jokes make fun of their geekiness/nerdiness/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, and sometimes it just feels more like an insult. Most of the time though it can be pretty funny.

Loved the Klingon Boggle!

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[...] sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Apparently Sam Kass created the game variation in 2005. Thanks to Miss Geeky for the [...]

Jonathan says:

I’m a big geek, and I love that show. I actually find the portrayal of the “geeks” very well done. Sheldon, for instance, may have mild Aspergers. Leonard is very socially adept and well rounded, but with his high intelligence and interests, doesn’t yet have a lot of experience with “regular” people. Penny also isn’t dumb. She’s not as smart as the geeks, of course. Plus, she’s more than accepting of them, they’ve all become good friends. Anyway… that’s my two cents this late at night. I’ve never felt insulted by this show, and maybe that’s because I can laugh at myself.

Hey Jomathan – agree with you completely.

It’s just a halarious show. the characters are so well played and the setting is so thoughtfully portrayed that it just never gets old!

Even after the third time Penny gets used by a guy, it’s STILL funny when Leanard tries (and fails) to comfort her.


how do you have the lizard hand sign?

Barry says:

lizzard is a sock puppet like position wiht your hand

Yedu Prasad says:

One of the best ones were the “Human Waste Distribution System”… LOL..

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