Fans of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse might have heard about the “missing” 13th episode Epitaph One, which never got aired. The story behind that is the Fox network counted the original pilot (also unaired) as part of the 13 episode order, while the Fox production company needed 13 actual completed episodes for international DVD releases. Because that original pilot wasn’t enough to qualify as an actual episode (cause they re-used a lot of that material for other episodes), Whedon decided to make a new 13th episode on a lower budget, which will be available on most DVDs as an extra.

Starring Felicia Day, Epitaph One is a stand-alone episode, set in the future after a apocalypse. From what I’ve understood most of the cast will make an appearance, so I’m curious to see how this will fit in the timeline. Take a look at the preview clip which has just been released:

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My guess at the moment is that it’s a fantasy or a virtual reality type of scenario. I mean, it’s a bit weird to show all these characters that we’re invested in, so many years in the future; it kind of tells us “hey, they’re alive, so in the next couple of seasons they can’t die”. I’m thinking there must be some sort of twist to it, so that this future isn’t set or maybe just doesn’t exist at all.

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