Trailerrific: Avatar

August 21st, 2009

When this post goes live at 13:30, I’ll be sitting in the BFI IMAX watching 15 minutes of footage of Avatar. In 3D. I’m psyched. And a little nervous. I’ve heard so much about this movie, I can’t help but think I’ll be disappointed by whatever I see. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be blown away. Maybe I won’t.

I saw this trailer yesterday, and I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have. Maybe I should have waited for the big screen. For the IMAX. For the 3D. Cause that’s what’s going to make this movie work, I think. It’s the movie that will convince us that 3D is the future for cinema. That these are movies you can’t watch on your computer screen or even your big ass plasma screen at home. No matter how big those screens are nowadays they won’t do this film justice.¬†That’s what I expect at least. I think this will be a movie most remembered for its advancements in technology, not for its story or plot. And I’m curious to see if everything I’ve heard and been promised is true.

I’ll report back this evening on what I thought about the trailer and footage. For now, my opinion is: wait to see the trailer in the cinema. I just don’t think a small computer screen will do it justice. I’ll go ahead and post the trailer here anyway, cause I know most of you are dying to see it (no matter what I say). I do think it looks amazing; I just think the impact will be so much larger, if you see it on a huge screen in 3D for the first time. Anyhow here it is:

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Avatar – Release Date: 18 December 2009 (US, UK)