Les Miserables is one of those musicals of which I know the words of its most famous songs, but have never actually seen in its entirety. I am really looking forward to it though; the cast looks amazing. Ever since the 2009 Oscars, I’ve wanted to see Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway do a musical together (on a sidenote: I found out that Hugh Jackman’s opening number that year, which I keep on watching over and over again, was actually written by Community’s Dan Harmon! Awesome!).

Anne Hathaway sounds great! It’s not the prettiest version I’ve heard, but I’ve always found that this song doesn’t necessarily have to be sung prettily; Hathaway brings the right type of distress and sadness into it. I can’t wait to see the final cut of this!

Another song I’m really looking forward to is On My Own. They wisely cast Samantha Barks in the role, and she can definitely sing this song: