One of my favourite new shows last year was Once Upon A Time. I initially thought it was a little bit too cheesy, but I ended up really liking how it managed to balance “fairytale world” story lines with “our world” story lines. It also had one of the more surprising season finales, and I’m so excited to see what season 2 will bring.

A new trailer came out for season 2 and it looks like it could be great!

BEWARE: After the video there’ll be spoilers for season 1 (if you haven’t seen season 1, go and watch it!)

It’s going to be interesting to see how everyone deals with actually knowing who they are now! I also wonder what this means for the fairytale characters who had powers. Regina regains her powers, but does that mean Red/Ruby and the fairies do too? Would be awesome to see Red shift in this world too!

I love that Belle (Emilie de Ravin) is now a season regular; Belle has always been my favourite Disney character and I loved her episodes with Rumpelstiltskin last year. Let’s hope she’ll make old Rumpy a bit more loveable. We also get our first glimpse of some new characters: I noticed Hook and Mulan, I think Hook will make an awesome bad guy! From what I’ve heard we’ll also be seeing the Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty this year.