Cool Stuff: Toys Unleashed

November 17th, 2012

Last Tuesday I got invited to the launch of the Toys Unleashed app from Barclaycard. It’s a cute little game to tie in with their latest Christmas ad campaign:

Using Augmented Reality, Toys Unleashed places three adorable toys to play with in the palm of your hand. You can play with Mr B the monkey, where you have to aim bananas into the monkey’s hand. You can feed different types of food to Chomp the dinosaur. And you can protect Mike the robot from attacking UFOs. The games seem pretty simple, but they’re trickier than they look!

The cool thing during the launch though was that they painted a gigantic street art hand, exactly opposite where LeStudio52 used to be! It was fun playing the game on such a huge hand and seeing part of it being painted. Here’s a time lapse of the street art painting (I appear very briefly round the 49 second mark!):