Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying a great Christmas holiday. I had plans to do a couple of posts each day here, but failed completely. Instead I’ve pretty much had a full week away from my laptop, staying blissfully offline. I had an awesome Christmas: hanging out with family, eating amazing food and getting great presents.

It is still officially Christmas though, so I still have time to do some Christmas giveaways. Yay! One of my favourite books this year was Redshirts by John Scalzi; it’s Must Read for every Star Trek fan. I’m so excited to give a copy away to one lucky reader!


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment behind with your favourite Christmas present. You’ll also get a second entry if you’re following me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway with the hashtag #missgeeky. The competition is open to everyone and will end on January 4th after which I’ll randomly draw a winner.


I got a year’s supply of coffee (different bean every month). It’s turned out to be a bit of an expensive gift though – I ended up spending too much on brewing equipment!

Rob Hall says:

My favorite Christmas present was the Death Star playset I received as a kid. I loved the Trash Compactor.

Summer Plum says:

Best gift I ever received was probably my SNES. My mom, ostensibly, got it for my brother & I the year it came out – a super rare treat! We usually had to wait for the price to come down. That Super Nintendo still works like a dream and I play games on it semi-often. Some days just require some Dr Mario or Zelda: Link on the Past!

Elisa Nuckle says:

I got a spiffy ergonomic keyboard this year, and it’s been awesome for my wrists, which do trouble me sometimes. Also a new Kindle cover that is perfect.

I hear great things about this book and have been meaning to pick it up. :)

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman; Absolute Sandman Vol 1. <3

I’ve gotta say, my son’s new Wii U has been the focal point of our living room since we took it out of the box…. Way better for navigating Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, etc than my Sony blu rayplayer! But the biggest hits on Christmas morning were the stocking stuffers I loaded up on at Think Geek during the free shipping event just before the holiday… flashing D20s for everyone!

crb370981954 says:

I got a perfume gift set that i love and a huge fluffy stadium blanket.

crb370981954 says:

i tweeted tis giveaway as @CarolynRBarnett

Wyell Chow says:

I’ve always wanted at least one John Scalzi book. My favorite Christmas presents have always been good books.

Angel7306 says:

My favorite present this year is my Kindle Fire HD.

an “in case of zombies” emergency box

Gilles says:

For me it was a Christmas card from my Little sister. With the gift of a long weekend Travel adventure to anywhere I want. One rule is she has to be back at work on time. She didn’t say in what condition ;)

A Fender Stratocaster guitar!

Bob Gately says:

My niece finger-knitted a scarf for my dog Dylan. No, really, my dog now owns a scarf.

Paul Strain says:

This year? Leg Lamp!

June Weiss says:

My son-in-law gave me The Passage and The Twelve by Justin Cronin. I’m about to begin my second re-read!

Heather says:

Oh, tough question. My husband bought me photoshop, which may mean I can actually be in family photos this year. Who says my photo needs to be from this decade?

Elizabeth says:

My favorite gift was learning how to knit. Silly, right? I’ve always wanted a Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf. Now I can make my own. :-)

Jamie Z says:

I walk to work almost everyday in Winter & bike in the Summer (not everyone can afford a car). However, living in Wisconsin, this can be really difficult on bitter cold or snowy days. So, my sister got me the best pair of Winter boots I’ve ever owned. They stay warm up to -25°, which should get me through the worst. Even though I got other thoughtful gifts, this one is my favorite.

Carrie says:

My husband gave me an Athena Tetradrachm replica from Etsy.

SqueakyTiki says:

My favorite Christmas present I ever got was a computer. Launched me into a new world!

alumiere says:

Shadowland by Peter Straub when it came out in paperback (I was a kid). I still reread it at least once a year.

I love receiving books for Christmas.

The best gift I got was ceramic Xmas penguin salt & pepper shakers.

An ipad a few years ago, which started a new and long standing addiction.

Jenni Halpin says:

A scooby doo stuffed animal, life sized–making it nearly as tall as my seven year old self.

JC King says:

Best present: my wife said yes, 15 years ago this Christmas day.

jess says:

My best present was a nook!

Judy in SATX says:

The latest season of Fringe on DVD. Plus I treated myself to the audiobook of Old Man’s War.

joe sokohl says:

Probably the bottle of select Chattanooga whiskey my brother gave me, or the monopod from my wife.

Sledgecallier says:

Best Christmas present ever was a large Action-Man tank. I clearly remember the excitement of running from my bedroom, down the stairs and ripping the paper of what felt, at the time, like the biggest box I’d ever seen. (Needless to say, this was quite a few years ago! ;-) )

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