It’s August! I don’t think Ive ever had this long a drought on my blog: only 2 posts in 2 months. It’s finally settled down a bit though in terms of busy-ness, so hopefully I’ll find some time again to write.

I’m so addicted to Threadless tees and they keep coming up with themes that I want. So far this year we’ve had Disney Villains, Iron Man, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Muppets, Toy Story… damn them, there are just too many cool designs. And now: TMNT tees. Want!

There are 15 tees in total, but I’ve featured my favourite ones below:

Shredder Wants You!

Shredder wants you

Turtles! To Battle!

Turtles to battle

Face Your Doom!!

Face your doom

Enemy Reflections

Enemy reflections

Hero Halfshells

Hero halfshells