I can’t quite believe it’s halfway December already! The past few weeks have been so busy with various exciting things happening (which I should hare with you all soon!). Because of that I’ve missed a ton of cool trailers that got released; so many epic looking movies are coming next year. Here’s a roundup of all the awesomeness heading our way:

Jupiter Ascending

Woah. I’m not completely sure what’s going on in this trailer, but I so want to see this. Knowing the Wachowski’s it’s going to be unique in some way.

Release Date: 18, July 2014 (US), 25 July 2014 (UK)

Edge of Tomorrow

This looks awesome! Based on Oblivion, I’m wary of how original this will be, but it does look like a lot of fun. Emily Blunt looks badass and the whole sci-fi Groundhog Day feel to it could make it quite epic. Sidenote: hi Greenwhich, nice to see you again!

Release Date: 30 May 2014 (UK), 6 June 2014 (US)



Release Date: 16 May 2014 (UK, US)

300: Rise of an Empire

Yay for more kickass female characters! Eva Green looks amazing as Artemisia as does Lena Headey reprising her role as Queen Gorgo.

Release Date: 7 March 2014 (UK, US)


Darren Aronofsky is one of my favourite directors, so I’m curious to see his take on the Noah story.

Release Date: 28 March 2014 (UK, US)

Muppets Most Wanted

I liked the last Muppet movie. It wasn’t the best Muppet movie ever, but it had some great moments in it and it was fun to see the Muppets back on our screens. This latest movie seems to be the same; fun, but not the best movie ever.

Release Date: 28 March 2014 (UK)

Winter’s Tale

Watch this trailer till at least the 1:20 mark… Not what you were expecting, right?

Release Date: 21 February 2014 (UK)

“May the cookies ever be in your flavour”.


Coming Soon: November Movies

November 10th, 2013

We’re already a week into November, but seeing as most movies in my list will be released at the end of the month, I don’t think I’m too late with this post.



I went to see Gravity at the IMAX yesterday and I loved it! I’ve been looking forward to this movie for ages, trying to avoid all the trailers leading up to it. I won’t say anything really about it expect: it’s definitely the type of movie you need to see on an as large as possible screen.

Release Date: Friday 8 November

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This looks good! I’ve read all the books and really enjoyed the first movie. I can’t wait to see what they make of this one.

Release Date: Thursday 21 November

The Family

The Family

I hadn’t actually heard about The Family, until I saw a trailer of it last week. It’s directed by Luc Besson (Leon, The Fifth Element) and stars Robert de Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron and John D’Leo as a mafia family who through the witness protection program relocate to France.

Release Date: Friday 22 November



I’m still not convinced we need a remake of Carrie, but the casting of both Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore just sounds so spot on!

Release Date: Friday 29 November

Saving Mr Banks

Saving Mr Banks

I’m a huge Disney fa, so obviously I’m curious to see how Saving Mr Banks turns out. It stars Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins.

Release Date: Friday 29 November

Other movie releases:

I only realised today that the second season of The Legend of Korra started yesterday. Yay! I really enjoyed the first season, and it’s going to be cool to see where they take it next.

So to celebrate that I’m featuring these cool designs by Robby Cook, mashing up Disney and Avatar together. I like how each princess is actually an element bender that makes sense: Ariel as a water bender, Pocahontas as an air bender, I don’t think I disagree with any of them!

Which one is your favourite?












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Coming Soon: September Movies

September 10th, 2013

I can’t believe it’s September already! This post was actually meant for a week ago, but as usual it’s been super busy. These are the movies coming out this month that I’m looking forward to and most probably will try to see in the cinema. At the end of the post you can find a list of other movies coming out as well. Which ones are you most looking forward to?

About Time

About Time

About Time is a romantic comedy with time travel written and directed by Richard Curtis, the guy behind Love Actually, Four Weddings And A Funeral and Notting Hill. Love Actually is one of my favourite romantic comedies, so I’m really curious to see how this slightly sci-fi slanted one turns out!

Release Date: Wednesday 4th September



I always thought Pitch Black was an interesting movie, but although its sequel had bigger budget, bigger cast, etc, it never felt like it was in the same universe. Riddick feels much more like the original… dark and gloomy planet, creepy aliens and Vin Diesel kicking ass.

Release Date: Wednesday 4th September



I used to watch a lot of F1 as a kid, so really curious to see how Rush turns out. I’ve heard quite some good things about it already!

Release Date: Friday 13th September

In A World

In A World…

In a world where one underachieving vocal coach (Lake Bell) is motivated by her father, the king of movie-trailer voice-overs, to pursue her aspirations of becoming a voiceover star. This looks like so much fun!

Release Date: Friday 13th September

White House Down

White House Down

This is the second “White House being attacked” movie this year, but I think it might be the better one. If “better” means more explosions, more cheese and more action, that is. I think Olympus Has Fallen took itself a little bit too serious, while White House Down looks much more over-the-top and fun.

Release Date: Friday 13th September


  • Any Day Now – Friday 6th September
  • Insidious 2 – Friday 13th September
  • The Call – Friday 20th September
  • Cold Comes The Night – Friday 20th September
  • Diana – Friday 20th September
  • R.I.P.D – Friday 20th September
  • Prisoners – Friday 27th September
  • Blue Jasmine – Friday 27th September
  • Girl Most Likely – Friday 27th September
  • Runner Runner – Friday 27th September

I’m gutted I missed this t-shirt design on TeeFury a few days back:

Minions Have The Phone Box

Despicable Me minions and the TARDIS! TeeFury only sells each design for one day, so there’s no way to buy this one at the moment, unless it’s voted up again.

Hot Fuzz will always be a movie with a lot of memories for me: it’s the first movie I saw in the cinema after moving to London with a bunch of strangers I now consider close friends. Fast forward 6.5 years later (seriously? It’s been that long already?) and we finally get to see The World’s End, the final chapter of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy.

Thanks to Focus Features, I’m holding a special giveaway where you can win a The World’s End goodie bag with a T-Shirt, Pint Glass and Poster! Scroll down to see how to enter.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment behind with your most epic pub story. You’ll also get a second entry if you’re following me on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway with the hashtag #missgeeky. The competition is open to everyone and it will end on August 17th.

It’s time for another Trailerrific Thursday post! So many good trailers have come out the past week, it looks like we’ve got an awesome summer of movies ahead of us. Which movie are you the most excited about? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


We’ve had to wait 7 years since Alfonso Cuarón brought us Children of Men, but his latest movie looks fantastic. Gravity is about two astronauts (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) who get stranded in space after an accident during a space walk mission. I’ve heard the movie opens with a single 17 minute long take… I think this could be epic.

Release Date: 4 October 2013 (US), 18 October 2013 (UK)

About Time

Ooh, a romantic comedy with time travel! About Time is written and directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Four Weddings and A Funeral) and stars Domhnall Gleeson as a young man who discovers he can travel back into time and redo parts of his own life. I love how quirky, funny and sweet the trailer looks; I can’t wait to see this!

Release Date: 6 September 2013 (UK), 8 November 2013 (US)


This looks like fun. I loved Pitch Black, the first movie in the Riddick series, and this 3rd movie looks like it will be in the same vein. The effects and production quality don’t look brilliant, but I think the story and action sequences will more than make up for it. Also: Katee Sackhoff! I don’t think she’ll ever get rid of her Starbuck image; we don’t see much of her character, but it looks like she’ll again be an awesome ass-kicking heroine.

Release Date: 6 September 2013 (UK, US)

The World’s End

It’s the final chapter of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy! Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were hilarious, so I’m sure this final movie will be just as awesome. Five friends attempt to redo an epic pub crawl in their old home town, only to discover an alien invasion.

Release Date: 19 July 2013 (UK), 23 August 2013 (US)

Ender’s Game

I again have to make a difficult decision: read the book first or watch the movie first? This time around I’m tempted to read the book first: what would you do? I do like the look of this though; I’m not exactly sure what is going on, but it looks like it could be a fun and action filled scifi.

Release Date: 25 October 2013 (UK), 1 November 2013 (US)

White House Down

The theme of 2013? White House Under Attack movies. We’ve already had Olympus Has Fallen and now White House Down (and I think there are two others as well). I enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen; it was a lots-of-explosions-and-fights action movie, but still quite fun. The trailer for White House Down makes it look even cheesier, which I should have expected seeing as Roland Emmerich is involved (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012).

Release Date: 28 June 2013 (US), 6 September 2013 (UK)

Captain Phillips

This doesn’t really look like my type of movie, but it does look interesting. Captain Phillips is directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum) and stars Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali Pirates during the Maersk Alabama hijacking in 2009.

Release Date: 11 October 2013 (UK, US)

Thor: The Dark World

I know this came out like 3 weeks, but somehow I only got around to watching it now. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m not really feeling excited for this movie at all. I liked the first one, and I really like Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, but I have the feeling something is missing…

Release Date: 1 November 2013 (UK), 8 November 2013 (US)

So my “Iron Man” day last Friday was full of fail. First of all, the other blog posts I had scheduled for that day didn’t go live. Second, I forgot to bring my Cineworld Unlimited pass with me to the cinema and ended up having to pay for the ticket. Idiot me. Despite that though, Iron Man 3 was awesome!

So today’s Me Wantz is obviously still Iron Man related: an Iron Man Arc Reactor pendant from etsy store LootStash. Awesome, right? On the one side is the Mark I reactor, on the other the Mark IV/V.

Iron Man Arc Reactor

Tonight I’m finally going to see Iron Man! It’s been out since last week, but with Cristiano being away and me starting a new job, we just haven’t found the time to go see it. But tonight that finally changes…

So to celebrate that, today is Iron Man Day on Miss Geeky!

I’ll be bringing you a couple of posts all about our lovely Mr Stark. This first one is all about T-shirts: Threadless released 22 (!!) Iron Man tee designs and they all look great. I’m not going to show all of them here, but I will highlight a couple of my favourites. If you want to see them all, head on over to the Threadless site.

Melting Point

Melting Point



Speed and Velocity

Speed and Velocity