Heroes: The Drinking Game

January 8th, 2008

With the writer’s strike still in full effect, some of you might have taken refuge into reruns of Heroes. Especially with the slump that is Volume 2, you might need something to make it a bit more “fun” ;-). Yes, I know not everybody agrees with my opinion on Volume 2, but I truly find it a disappointment compared to the first season. It’s not that it’s bad, horrible, painful, etc, etc; it’s just that it could have been so much greater than it was. I’m just annoyed with the wasted potential. However, Volume 3 seems promising and I can’t wait for the writer’s strike to end. Btw, a tip to any Heroes fan, get the Volume 1 comic; it seriously is a must-have. 

Anyhow, have a gulp/shot/glass, whenever you see:

  1. Parkman using his telepathic, mind-controlling abilities (when you hear the “whisper” music).
  2. Sylar acting creepy (when you hear the clock ticking music).
  3. The whiny twins getting all black teary eyed again.
  4. Hiro using his power (the I-am-concentrating-hard face).
  5. Oh, why not: Any Hero using their power.
  6. Mr. Muggles!
  7. Hiro pushing his glasses back up.
  8. Jessica appears. 
  9. Mohinder saying “evolution”, “mankind”, or “cure”.
  10. The Helix symbol.
  11. Noah Bennett saying “Claire”.

Any expansions on these rules?

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