I Was Donatello

February 5th, 2008

My last post got me wondering. When I was a kid, I used to have this custom/game/tradition/(not sure what I’m supposed to call it) with my brother and sister. Whenever we watched something, be it a tv show or a movie, we would have to pick one character out of the show, which we would have to “be”. We couldn’t be the same person and if you called it first, the other had to pick some one else.


When the show wasn’t on, we wouldn’t actually do anything with the chosen characters. They only had meaning when we were watching the show. Besides rooting for them during an episode, you got to “be” them in the case that there was some special song or special sequence. For instance, in the case of Captain Planet, I was Linka. So whenever you had the Captain Planet summoning scene (which of course happened every episode), I got to shout “Wind!”.

For most TV shows I can remember exactly who me and my brother and sister were. For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, I was Donatello, my brother Leonardo and my sister Michelangelo. With Samurai Pizza Cats, I was Polly Esther, my brother was Speedy Cerviche and my sister Guido Anchovy. For Power Ranger, I was the Pink Ranger (“Pterodactyl!”), my brother was the Red Ranger (until he decided the White Ranger was cooler), and my sister the Yellow Ranger. With X-Men, I was Rogue, my brother was Wolverine, and my sister Jubilee. Need I continue?

Pizza Cats

Am I (and my brother and sister) completely crazy? Looking back, it’s seems such a silly thing to do and I can’t help but wonder if other kids used to do this too. I was talking to Cristiano about this tonight and he never did such a thing when he was young. So please speak up; I want to know I wasn’t a complete crazy kid with these actions.

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