In the past week a lot of new trailers have come out, mainly because of the Superbowl. Now most of these trailers haven’t appeared on the Apple trailer site yet, but about half of them are from movies with already a trailer released. I’ll be splitting this post up this week into two parts: the trailers that are completely new from movies of which we haven’t seen anything yet, and the trailers of movies of which we’ve already seen at least one trailer.

First up, the new trailers:

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard more of this movie. It’s about Liam Neeson who after his daughter is kidnapped in Paris, goes on a manhunt trying to find those responsible. So far, it’s only slated for an end of February French release, with no known release dates for other countries. [Trailer]

Superhero Movie
Sometimes a movie comes along that you know you’re going to hate, but that most people are going to love. For me, this is one of those movies. It’s from the makers of Naked Gun and Scary Movie. Need I say more? I seriously can not stand these type of stupid parody movies. If you liked those movies, I’m guessing you’ll like this one. If you didn’t: To Avoid At All Costs.

The trailer looks interesting and the film has been nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film), but I’ve heard reviews that weren’t that taken by this movie. It’s about the life of Genghis Khan, but its an interpretation and doesn’t follow the true history. [Trailer]

The Happening
I heard about the script of this movie a long time back, when M. Night Shyamalan was having trouble getting it made. I understand why, cause it isn’t your typical disaster movie. Without giving to much away, the basic gist of it is that people begin randomly committing suicide, killing themselves for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It seems an interesting movie, but it’s a tad difficult to promote.

The Grand
This is one of those films that looks half-interesting. Let me explain. It’s an improvisational ensemble comedy about several competitors in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. There are seven main characters, each playing a different poker stereotype. For me, half of those characters look funny and interesting, the other half not so much. [Trailer]

Second Skin
I know that people like documentaries about unusual people obsessed with their hobby, but do we really need a documentary for ever type of obsession? First Trekkies, then MacHeads and now Second Skin. What’s next? Knitting?? [Trailer]

The second half of this post can be expected tomorrow.