Interesting links for June 20th through July 3rd:

  • Peleg Design – Some of these designs are gorgeous. I love the wine bottle holder and the domino candle holder.
  • TMB?s 10 Comic Book Movie Alternate Castings – Interesting alternatives to comic book castings. A couple of them truly make sense; I could easily see the girl in Chuck as Sue Storm (way better than Jessica Alba; but then anyone would have been better than her).
  • A special “Where’s WALL-E” edition of Why For? – Great list of easter eggs hidden within Pixar’s movies. Did you know Marvin (the clown fish) from Finding Nemo appears in Monster Inc.? Or that The Incredibles appear on a comic in Finding Nemo?
  • The 50 Best Pun Stores – A list of 50 Stores with great puns as names. My favourites have got be Thai Tanic (Thai restaurant), Cane & Able (Mobility Healthcare specialists) and Bon A-Pet-Treat (Pet Bakery).
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