I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but I just haven’t come around to do it. First off, the recurring A Video A Day post is being relabeled to Video of The Day. The why of this should be apparent; the idea initially was to post a video every day, but I soon discovered I was posting videos just for the sake of having to post a video. Not because I necessarily liked it or wanted other people to see that video, but just because I needed a video for that day. So it’s now renamed Video of The Day.

Next to that I also wanted to start the recurring post of Photo of The Day. Unlike the videos though, most of these will be my own photos that I want to highlight. I’ve lately been playing around with Cristiano’s Nikon D40 (although if you ask him it’s “our” camera) and would really like some feedback of what people think of some of my photos. That’s not to say though that all featured photos will be my own; I will post cool pics of other people when I come across them.

Besides that, I’m introducing two other new recurring topics: Geek Girl and Geek Crush. In Geek Girl I’ll feature a geeky girl from a movie, tv show, video game or real life. There are enough geeky woman out there to make this a regular thing and if you have any suggestions, let me know (geek@missgeeky.com). Geek Crush is inspired by a recent conversation I had where I said I had a geek crush on David Tennant. With geek crush I mean a crush on a star from something reasonably geeky, be it a movie, tv show or anything else. Again, if you have any suggestions, email me at the above emailaddress.

That’s it for the inhouse announcements for now. Nothing major changing, just some little new things. Hope you continue to enjoy this blog!

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