It’s only a couple more weeks/months until the new TV season, so promos and clips of the upcoming shows have been appearing online. Some of them are familiar old shows with clips, showing us what may happen to our favourite characters. Others are completely new, whose fate beyond the pilot may not even be decided yet. 

Gemini Division
This will be a new NBC produced web series, starring Rosario Dawson. She plays a New York cop who uncovers a global conspiracy involving the creation of simulated life forms, Sims. At the moment 50 episodes, each around 6 minutes long, have been planned, with a possible extension to 100 episodes. [Website]

There’s been talk about this series for the past two years and now finally they’ve gone ahead with it. It’s a prequel of sorts to Battlestar Galactica, showing the creation and rise of the Cylons. The premise sounded really interesting to me, but after seeing this promo I’m not so sure. It somehow doesn’t feel sci-fi-y enough, only drama.

I’ve actually seen this pilot already (review will follow) and it looks quite okay. It’s a new series from JJ Abrams (he of Felicity, Alias and Lost), focusing on fringe (pseudo) science.

Unlike last year I’m not all that excited for Heroes. I was just so disappointed after last season; they had so many options and possible cool story lines, and instead it all turned out so, so… average. I’ll still watch it, but I’m hoping it will get better.

Life on Mars
The original Life on Mars was great, so why go and ruin it with a US version? This looks so bad and completely unnecessary. I’ve also heard rumours, they won’t be sticking to the original’s storyline, but want to make it a “deeper mystery”.

Pushing Daisies
I love Pushing Daisies, but this promo is worthless. You don’t even get to see anything from the new season!

Now they know how to make some cool promos! First the Hellboy one and now these; I can’t wait till Chuck is back on TV.

The new Joss Whedon series! I’m watching this no matter what, but as I said before I find the humour strangely lacking in this trailer. Where’s the funny, Joss? The clips of the episode shown in this trailer will actually be the second episode. Whedon just announced that his pilot was slightly confusing and jumping into the story straight away, so they’ve decided to keep that episode as the second and create a new episode in front of that, acting as the pilot.