Interesting links for July 31st through August 4th:

  • When Geeks and Stained Glass Collide – Ooh pretty! I like stained glass artwork, but most of the time it's boring bible depictions. This is way cooler! I especially love the Spiderman one.
  • Why Heath Ledger Can Be Replaced As The Joker | The Movie Blog – I agree completely wit this blog post. The author tries to reason why (if the Joker has a role in the next movie) he could and should be replaced. It shouldn't be seen as an insult to Ledger, that's like saying (now I'm quoting) “The best way to honor the magnificent career of Michael Jordan and to thank him for what he did for the game of basketball is to shut down the NBA after he retired”.
  • The Art of Alex CF » Artwork – The artist that inspired the Wonderland expedition kit (see next link). These designs are just gorgeous (although I don't think I'd actually want to own any of these).
  • absinthetic: Wonderland expedition kit – Guy made this for his girlfriend's birthday. It's an expedition kit from an explorer who traveled to Wonderland, filled with "exotic" memorabilia and specimens. I love the pinned up Soldier of Hearts and the small/big potions.
  • Top 10 Geekiest, Nerdiest Bento Box Art – Funny list of geeky bento boxes. Some obvious designs like Mario and Pacman, but also some strange choices like Bill Gates. None of the boxes actually looks that edible.
  • Quint chats TERMINATOR: SALVATION with McG! – My main concern with the new Terminator movie was the talent of it's director, McG. This interview though helps alleviate my fears a bit. McG seems to know he wasn't that much of a director (remember Charlie's Angels?), but hopes he can create a Terminator movie that's worthy of it's predecessors. Fingers crossed!
  • Interview with Victor Garber from Alias and Eli Stone – Short interview with Victor Garber; I love his role in Eli Stone!
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