Interesting links for August 26th through September 2nd:

  • Geek Girl Friday: Darth Vader Nesting Dolls – Awh, these Darth Vader nesting dolls are just so cute! I've always liked the idea of those Russian nesting dolls, but I never liked the design/painting of them (too headachy). But these are sweet!
  • Why Me?: Greenpeace – I linked to this artist a while back and how her art is being used as part of a very clever campaign from Greenpeace: "Every signature helps save our seas."
  • Roberson's Interminable Ramble – Interesting letter from 1865, where an ex-Tennessee slave, responds to his former master's invitation to return as a laborer on his plantation.
  • Codebox Software – How many of the 100 most common words of the English Language do you know? Little game/app that gives you 5 minutes to guess. I got 52 of the 100 (and forgot some pretty simple ones!), what's your score?
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