Yes, as the title of this post proclaims, the plague that is Hello Kitty has now also spread to wedding dresses. I’m guessing they were thinking: “hey if Disney can do it, why can’t we?”

The most expensive of the bunch goes for about $4000 and is pink, pink and… well, pink:

The rest are not as exuberant as that, but also not what you’d typically think as a wedding dress. This next one has big heart stuck on your bosom, with more hearts surrounding the hem of the dress:

Even without the little Hello Kitty logo, I’d be hard-pressed to wear this dress. The fur is just too much (or not enough, I can easily imagine winter dresses with fur, but then it’s actually practical), it’s the “I want to be a cuddly toy!” dress: 

Hmm. As a “fancy dress” dress this would be fine, but a wedding dress?

From all the dresses in the bunch, I like this one the most. The Hello Kitty is almost unnoticeable and it doesn’t feel to costume-y. Still it doesn’t look like your typical wedding dress.  

[Via Wedding Bells Blog]

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