Interesting links for July 8th through July 18th:

  • How 16 Electronics Companies Got Their Names – I somehow just always assumed that a lot of these companies were just named after someone, but most of them have pretty interesting origins.
  • The Wertzone: Multimedia storytelling in support of TVs and movies – Great article about how storytelling evolved from just one medium to multiple media. Formerly everything other than the main movie/tv show wasn't considered cannon (just filler). For example, anything that happened in the Star Trek books never happened in the TV show. But slowly that changed, with other platforms being used as part of the story. I loved Babylon 5, but I didn't know that all Babylon 5 books and comics are actually part of the complete story. Or that the answer to "What do the numbers mean in Lost?" has actually already been answered in the ARG.
  • 10 Things We’ve Learned From Failed Threequels – Film School Rejects – The sequel to a sequel: there aren't really that many good ones out there. Here's a great list of 10 things those movies do wrong.
  • iPhone Apps For Movie Geeks | /Film – I don't have an iPhone yet, but this is a handy list of movie apps for those who have one. I wonder though it there are any UK based apps out there?
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