One of the highlights for a lot of the Comic-Con attendees was the panel with the cast and crew of Chuck. And no wonder: NBC renewed it in the last minute, after a two month “Save Chuck” campaign mounted by fans, and it seems the cast wanted to give back to their community.

If you haven’t seen Chuck yet, I definitely recommend it. I liked the first season, but it was very much ‘bad guy/mission of the week’ type stories. The second series really picks up on the background story and mythology of the show; it slowly became one of the shows I was most looking forward to every week. And then the finale of Season 2, wow! (That being said though, if you haven’t seen it, but now want to, don’t watch the second video in this video; there are spoilers for that ep in it)

The panel started with a surprise performance by JEFFSTER!, the in-show band of characters Lester Patel and Jeff Barnes. Awesome:

If you’re really interested in seeing it all, the complete panel is available online on YouTube (check out this video for the first part), but here’s a clip with one of the funniest moments:

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