Fashion Focus: Red Ponte Dress

November 30th, 2009

Last Friday I came across this pretty red dress at Dorothy Perkins. I’ve never actually shopped much at Dorothy Perkins before, but I saw this dress in the window and knew I just had to try it on. Of course: they didn’t have my size. They had the same dress though in cream and grey, and I managed to try a cream one in my size on. Pwetty! But I wanted it in red.


On Saturday I was staying cozy inside with my pyjamas on, while Cristiano went out in the rain to do some shopping. An hour I get a phone call that he’s found my red dress in my size and whether or not he should get it for me? Yes, yes, yes (I have the sweetest boyfriend).

The dress fits great and I’m even thinking of getting the cream one too. The belt isn’t the prettiest, but that’s easily fixed (although I don’t own that many belts, so will have to do some shopping for that). Btw, I (and a lot of other people on Google) had no idea what a ‘Ponte Dress’ is. I finally figured it out: it’s a certain way fabric is knitted that makes it firm yet a little stretchy.

The Red Belted Ponte Dress is available at Dorothy Perkins for £32.