Update: Back in London

June 24th, 2010

As usual, my blog goes a bit quiet whenever I leave London for a few days. And this time around my trip was even more hectic than normal!

The idea was to go a week to the Netherlands for yet another visit to the optician and the dentist. Then 2 weeks ago I got an email from WOMWorld/Nokia asking if I wanted to go to Helsinki for a couple of days for the LikeMinds conference. Yes! Of course this conference was exactly in the middle of my trip to the Netherlands, but Nokia was so kind to arrange flights for me from Amsterdam.


This meant though that the past week has been hectic, crazy, tiring, but pretty amazing. Within 48 hours I was in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Finland (spending at least an hour in each of those countries)!

Now that I’m back home my blog posts should appear more regularly again. And expect some posts about LikeMinds!

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