Event: Movie Geeks of London

February 15th, 2011

Last month’s Gadget Geeks of London turned out to be lots of fun! I was nervous for most of the night though, mainly because I was doing one of the presentations. My presentation went really well, and after I finally had done it I could relax a bit and enjoy the evening. I still have to write up a proper blog post of that evening (but it’s been busy as usual).

It’s time though for our next meetup: Movie Geeks of London! It’s less than two weeks until this year’s Academy Awards and we couldn’t resist organising an Oscar themed meetup.

The idea of the evening is to discuss the Oscar nominations with other movie geeks. And we’ll be holding our own award ceremony on the night, where attendees can vote for their favourite Oscar nominations. Make sure you sign up on the site, cause we need to know how many people are coming along!

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