I came across these cool bookcases a while ago, but couldn’t figure out where you could order them. Fab has them now on sale though… well, “sale”. Even with the 25% discount the “Read Your Book Case” one is still a pricey $4700. Another item to add to my “When I’m rich and famous” wish list.

I love the XO design. The three x’s in red are just so cute! Each box is 51 cm high and wide, so I’m pretty sure the X shape would be the most optimal one for the size of my paperbacks.

I think the Fab sale only is for those specific letter combinations, but you can also order from the designer’s site directly. They offer all letter and number combinations! What would you make your book case spell out? I’d love to have one spelling out “Miss Geeky” to hang on my wall!

Cool stop-motion video with books in a bookcase:

This is such a great idea, if you don’t have a lot of space: store your books in the rafters.

Shelftastic Book Rafters

I’d love to do something like this in my living room. The only problem would be: I’d be too short to reach those books!

Via Apartment Therapy

I really don’t like the rest of the decor, but these bookshelves between the roof arches (or whatever you’re suppose to call them) are so pretty:

Shelftastic Arches

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Shelftastic: Cat Library

February 18th, 2011

My cats so want this bookcase:

I’d really love a book case like this! It’s not only fun for the cats, but I think the 3D design makes it a bit less boring than most cases. It makes me wonder though: are there more furniture concepts designed with pets in mind? Like sofas with a cat nook in it?

Designed by Corentin Dombrecht.

I know many of my readers here own a lot of books (as do I), but how many of you could fit a library of 6000? If so, here’s the perfect library for you:



This spiral staircase is part of a project to convert the former home of Portuguese poet Antero de Quental into a library center. The staircase spirals up through two storeys and into a tower, with shelves back-lit through translucent plexiglass.

For more pictures of these bookshelves check out dezeen.com.

Love this:


A striking shelving unit designed to maximize display areas through a variety of spaces. Irregular and asymmetrical shelving sections opens up the possibilities for a less traditional display of objects.

I think it’s more designed to hold ‘objects’. You know, one of those sitting room pieces for people that doesn’t actually contain that many books, but more “stuff”, like cases and pricey art? But still I can imagine having this bookshelf filled completely with actual books. The taller compartments would be perfect to larger comic books, or a stack of books on their side.

The downside? It’s $3975.

Loving this table with a corner specially for books and magazines:

Shelftastic Cornered Coffee Table

It’s available on ExclusivelyHome.com for $1900.

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Shelftastic: My New Bookcases

February 10th, 2010

When we moved to our new apartment a year ago, the one major thing that was lacking was shelf space. Now I’m not the best person when it comes to interior design. Somehow I’m a little bit too logical and practical and always go for the solution which makes sense space and money wise. And of course the same happened here.

I bought a huge bookcase from IKEA (120cm wide, 40cm deep and 192cm high) which could fit 3 rows of books on one shelf. Awesome, I thought. Very space efficient and the maximum cost vs shelf space solution. But it was really way too large and bulky; it took too much space up and actually only fitted on one spot in the entire house. Plus there were 2 rows of books which I couldn’t see or reach! I’m enough of a book addict that I want to SEE my lovely books.

So when we realised that we needed a new mattress we thought we might as just as well order a couple of new book cases. I actually went for the same IKEA system, but ones that were half as deep (only 20cm vs 40cm):

New Bookcase

These are perfect for my books! I need a couple more shelves, but I love how flat these shelves are. I’ve got 3 bookcases now in total (the 2 you see above and exactly the same one against another wall) and there’s most than space for all my books.

The bookcase is £35 on IKEA and comes in 4 colours.

I love love love this! This was posted ages ago on Boing Boing and various other sites, but it’s worth a repeat for those of you who mightn’t have seen it. It would fit perfectly in my sitting room:

Shelftastic Equation Shelf

Designed by Marcos Breder.