These photos from Annie Leibovitz are just stunning. They belong to the Dream Portrait Serie, an advertisement campaign from Disney featuring celebrities as traditional Disney characters. The first three images came out in January 2007, the second batch of three in October 2007 and the latest four came out this week. I’ve featured the photos I like the best first; while most of them are cool, there are a couple that just don’t work for me.

Update: I’ve added the latest photos of the campaign that were released in March 2011 here at the beginning of this post. Again they’re so gorgeous! It’s also interesting to see that Disney is using actors that are featured in their main live-action franchises right now: Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges were both in Tron, Penelope Cruz will be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

Update 2: I’ve again added the latest photos of the campaign. The Taylor Swift one as Rapunzel was released in January 2013.

Where A World of Adventure Awaits

taylor swift rapunzel

Taylor Swift as Rapunzel from Tangled

Where A Moment Of Beauty Lasts Forever


Jeff Bridges as The Beast, Penelope Cruz as Belle

Where Magic Speaks, Even When You’re Not The Fairest Of Them All


Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen, Alec Baldwin as the Mirror

Where Memories Take Hold and Never Let Go


Queen Latifah as Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)

Where Another World Is Just A Wish Away


Julianne Moore as Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Michael Phelps as a random merman.

Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Cinderella

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Where You’re The Fairest Of Them All

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Snow White

Rachel Weisz as Snow White

Where Dreams Run Free

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Pocahontas

Jessica Biel as Pocahontas

Where You’re Always The King Of The Court

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - King Arthur

Roger Federer as King Arthur

Where You Never Have To Grow Up

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Peter Pan

Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan, Gisele Bündchen as Wendy and Tina Fey as Tinkerbell

Where Imagination Saves The Day

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Prince

David Beckham as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Where The Magic Begins

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Fairies

Julie Andrews as the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and Abigial Breslin as Fira from Disney Fairies

Where A Whole New World Awaits

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Alladin

Jennifer Lopez as Jasmine and Marc Anthony as Aladdin

Where Wonderland Is Your Destiny

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Alice

Beyonce as Alice, Lyle Lovett as the March Hare and Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter

Where Your Every Wish Is Our Command

Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Portrait Series - Genie

Whoopi Goldberg as the Genie

(Photos courtesy and copyright of Disney)


Alper says:

Very nice set, pretty much any picture by Leibovitz is a marvel.

Oh…wow, those are gorgeous photos.

I LOVE the Whoopi photo, but they’re all wonderful.

Thank YOU so much for sharing!


sarah says:

cool,awesome picture! wish to have all of them..can u end it to my e-mail?…pls..pls….thanx

nicole says:

I’m not terribly impressed. I think they choose the wrong people for a lot of the character’s they’re portraying.

greg says:

If Only it was worth the money to be annoyed by “It’s a small world after all”

Filischi says:

The immagination of our childs and our childhood
is dominated by the few.
First of all Disney.
Don’t fall in their trap.

leah says:

i do not like the role of alice :[
beyonce doesn’ suit it at all
and peter pan
that man is too old :[ the first 3 are the best

Race Relations says:

I think its funny that they really didn’t choose many people of the races they’re supposed to represent. J-Lo is definetely not a Persian, neither in Marc Antony. Beyonce is not white, Jessica Biel is not an American Indian. And does it matter that Whoopi isn’t blue? That Lyle Lovett is not a rabbit?
Anyway, why this variation on race? Is Disney trying to be racially ‘open-minded’? “Why should Pocohantas be an American Indian? Why not make her white?” Or are they being implicitly racist by not including Middle Easterners, American Indians, and blue people? (why not make the Genie the blue man group?)

Dan says:

Cool pictures i guess..i like the idea but not the outcome. i could care less if they are celebrities
just get the roles right

Ben says:

Some of these are pretty good, although there are quite a few dubious decisions…

Girl says:

I’m really annoyed by the alice in wonderland one, the rest were fairly “true” to character. The girl’s not even blonde.

Chronus says:

As much as I like Leibovitz’ photography, I must say the Aladdin/Genie pictures don’t match the characters in any way, shape, or form.
Why would Whoopi Goldberg be the Genie?

Bailey says:

I think some of you are missing the point. She’s taken artistic liscense ( or whoever did the casting has ) with the characters to re-imagine, modernize or make you think, imho.

Nadir says:

Those are some nice pictures. I wonder what they looked like before someone digitally manipulated the hell out of them.

kim says:

Beyonce as Alice….NO WAY ! Sorry to say but she is no actor. I dislike her know it all attitude….we’ve wiped up the mess she has made… maybe it is time she grew up and notice the worl is not all about her !

Chris says:

LOL @ Race Relations. Seriously though – they are some great pics. So vivid!

Jabreel Avatarici says:

creepy christian fable art. images of the spoled rich celebs do not impress other that good work. imaginary can be much more lovely.

Diana says:

It’s just for fun – get over it…

emma says:

O MY GOODNESS!!!! Diana is sooooo right.
Its jus a bit of fun get over yourselves!!!!!!

fred the needle says:

david becham as a prince lol

Kendra says:

Good collection, but am I the only one a little bit creeped out by Peter Pan’s hairy veiny old manlegs?

anonamoose says:

WOOPI GOLBERG!!!!! WTF!!! I’d be happier if they picked Samuel L Jackson, he’s in everything. Oh an that peter pan creeps the sht outa me.

Spider Pig says:

Beautiful pics, but the Walt Disney theme totally ruins it for me

Fi says:

Some of these pics are wicked. I love the snow white picture, well done, it’s gorgeous.

I think the Jasmine and Aladin pic needs some work, it looks like something you’d see in a JLo film clip rather than a young couple in love and discovering a ‘whole new world’. And Alice looks just a little like a man in drag…

Love Whoopi’s mischievous photo although I think she looks more like a fairy godmother than a genie even with the genie outfit.

Would have liked the theme of each pic representing a diff Disney story to continue right through, however Pinocchio and Disney fairies got all mixed up together in one pic which seemed to break the theme momentum a bit.

Love the Peter Pan pic. At first it was a shock to see Peter looking so creepy but I think it’s a funky twist of stereotypical peter. I thought it was a nice ‘young at heart’ message.

stubbles says:

PLEASE dont tell me Annie is owned by The Mouse now…..

Anonymous says:

Beyonce looks COMPLETELY out of place there.

Dumb decision- then again, she probably paid the most.

sharee says:

WOW. i love biel, johansson, weisz, federer and the one with julie andrews.

the rest were a bit off. i mean the pictures are GREAT, the stars casted aren’t just … appropriate so to say. BEYONCE was totally out of place and so was WHOOPI. i mean, seriously. i agree that peter pan kinda looks old for his character..

again, the pictures are cool though.

hez says:

the photographs themselves are amazing.
i think its a great idea for disney ads

i agree with leah completely as if she took the words out of my mouth, i almost completely hate the idea of beyonce as alice!!

Maria Julia says:

I loveee this pictures! But I agree with you Melinda when you say that there is a couple of those which actually do not work cute well. For me these two are: Jessica Biel as Pocahontas.. not just because Pocahontas is Brunette, but her face those not transmit anything.
Ahd the other one is Jennifer and Marc as Jasmin and Aladdin, I totally loveee Marc and Jennifer but they weren’t the ideal couple to do those caracthers!.
Instead of these little details, all pictures are amaizing! and a great campaing for Disney :)
Thanks for uploading them in your site.. because I look for them for a long time, and you are the only one who have them all.

Stacey says:

I am not a huge fan of Disney, but the Cinderalla portait is amazinginglt beautiful — right down to the slender hand uplifted in the photo. Snow White is also very well done.

Peter says:


Denise says:

I def. agree with Diana and Emma from a few days ago…this world is F’d up because people think the way they do in most of these comments that were posted. Its artwork and its amazing too. Disney is all ficition, so whatever the hell “race” everyone is shouldnt matter one bit. Dont take life AND these pictures so seriously. —-all of these portraits are absolutely gorgeous!!

Kelly says:

Very nicely done.

AND, Disney is not controlling the imaginations of our children…obviously, you are.

vital says:

bahahaha… i laughed so hard at the rodger federer one…. he doesn’t suit the role…

im doing an assignment on annie leibovitz…. its difficult to find the right info on her but i do realli like these pics…(xcept for the federer one)

Race to the Finish says:

It’s funny when people are so up-tight, they accuse others of “taking life and pictures so seriously.” Yet why take the time to ask others to “mellow out” if you can’t take their comments with a grain of sand? Perhaps it is you who is taking things too seriously…

I, for one, agree with Chris, who thinks “Race Relations” comments are funny. If there’s anything serious about these images, its the obsession with celebrity culture. So I second Jabreel Avatarici and Dan’s comments.

BTW, “Disney is all fiction,” Denise? I agree, but what if Aladin had been portrayed as Hispanic or if Pocohantus shown as black? Disney may be fictitious, but come on. I think that in their movies, if they had went with these decisions, they may have faced an outcry to which they would not have had a suitable response. Why then let them off here? Because they used celebrities? See the above paragraph.

Finally, why IS the genie black? Well, what is a genie? One who must fulfill the demands of his master? Isn’t there another name for someone who is bound by another’s beck and call? I’m surprised no-one has thought of this yet.

Oh, and Annie Leibovitz is so much better than these photos would indicate. In fact, I’m surprised they give her credit–on advertising such as this, there usually is a team of demographics researchers, Photoshop technicians, storyboarders, etc. I’d wager 20-40 people worked on these, all told.

Analeis says:

Such a brilliant idea and amazing work but a few didn’t work for me.
The best for me were Cinderella, Snow white, King Arthur and the Mad Hatter and Fira.
Pocahontas lived in the jungle – it looks like the girl is on a farm on the beachside. So many other hot dark featured actresses could have been chosen. Wendy was the one that grew old (in time) not Peter Pan…they needed a young boyish actor with pixie like features like Orlando Bloom; and you can’t see Tinkerbell?
Beyonce as Alice…well thats another story altogether – does not suit her at all because she is not a cutish innocent character in person.
Sayid from Lost would have made a good genie and Jasmine and Alladine… maybe an actual young persian-like raven haired actor for Jasmine; as for Aladdin, I would have gone Jesse Metcalf. But thats if it was my photo shoot, otherwise an interesting and fascinating immagination!
p.s to Race to the Finish – why can’t the genie be black? Was Jesus white?

lol says:

man everyones taking these pictures so damn seriously there cool pictures and im not putting down anyone else opinions but its a campaign for disney…whys everyone treating it like its some big world threat or something? it aint as serious as its being made out to be children wont understand all the ‘racial’ stuff they’re kids they deserve to have a bit of less serious fun

Nico says:

OMG – Anyway I can view the larger versions of these images?

Analeis says:

OMG – congratualtions to you then!

Analeis says:

OMG – congratulations to you then!

Jenny says:


Pocahontas lived in the jungle? Read a book.

Analeis says:

ohhhh sue me!

Analeis says:

oh sue me!

Leonard says:

The photography is awesome.

Whoopie doesn’t convince me she’s a genie. Poor acting is more the cause than skin color, though blue skin would have helped.

Mikhail Baryshnikov looks more like a pervert than Peter Pan; Lyle Lovette looks similarly creepy.

Having someone who is not Native American, and doesn’t look it, play the role of Pocahontas is as racist as having some white guy play Tonto (Lone Ranger). Aladdin and Jasmin don’t look the part for the same reason.

In an effort to be politically correct they have succeeded in being racist.

charlenejada says:

How could they use celebs who wear REAL fur (enter miss j.lo) to embody some of our fave disney characters when EVERYONE knows the one must-have best friend of every respectable disney character is a furry little cute animal? If j.lo had to be jasmine, she would probably wear abu around her neck as a scarf or something and then the relationship would end coz aladdin could never love a women who wears his best friend for crying in a bucket!!
And where is Ariel, the little mermaid?? Wouldnt that have made an awesome pic? Maybe next time?

MidnightSun says:

I think all the pictures are wonderful, especially the first three. Scarlett makes a very nice Cinderella. I don’t really understand the last one with Whoopi, though, but it’s still a fun ad for Disney.

Koolie says:

I am so entranced with these works of art!

Steve says:

A few of those were excellent, but in some of them I think they included subjects just for their celebrity even when they really kind of kill the illusion and don’t fit the character.

Now, Jack Nichoson as “The Mad Hatter”- Yes!
David Beckham as a prince? Nah. David Beckham as “The Queen” then your talking.
Ermelda Marcos as Cinderella. If she lost a shoe, well she has several thousand more.
Snow White; well she loves 7UP. So perhaps Elton John would have been more appropriate.
Liebowitz is brilliant though; without doubt. Thanks for the post.The Baldchemist as “Sweeney Todd the demon barber of Fleet Street”.

hfeofjh says:

Most of the roles do not fit at all. The first two are the only good ones, Peter Pans entire persona is that he never grows up and why couldn’t you choose someone that is truly Native American instead of Jessica

i though it was obvious... says:

the joke was that a genie is a kind of slave….that’s maybe why the genie shouldn’t be black…
and it was a joke….

I don’t really think this is the message these images send to children…most of them are smart enough to think about these things…Only people who can think we see beyond the obvious…

mehmet says:

man everyones taking these pictures so damn seriously there cool pictures and im not putting down anyone else opinions but its a campaign for disney…whys everyone treating it like its some big world threat or something?

deniz says:

thank you, mehmet*.

this was a creative attempt to photograph a key part of american…culture… disney is a part of many young american lives, whether people like it or not.

i agree that some of the photos dont work but i think people need to chill out.

* (tesekur ;) )

Candy says:

^ ^ Ditto! You guys are honestly taking these pictures WAY too seriously! I don’t think you guys get the real message behind these photos.There is nothing racist whatsoever about these pictures. They were just trying to get everyday celebrities known by little kids to help expand their imagination a bit wider. It doesn’t matter who “fits” the character or not. In fact, all of them fit every persona given, especially the Whoopi one; a playful nature fits her. I do feel, however, that the persona given to Beyoncé was a tad off, though. She would have been better with a more glamorous or exotic character like Jasmine or Pocahontas, or maybe even someone like Princess Belle from “The Beauty and The Beast”; not a naïve, innocent little character like Alice. But, seriously everyone, just chill out.

Leonard says:

You guys are taking these comments way to seriously!

BTW, my 10 year old nephew didn’t know half these “everyday celebrities known by little kids”.

bruno says:

where are little mermaid, beauty and beast, sleeping beauty, mulan, pinochio, and all the other characters that are as important as these ones?

Candy says:

I guess they’re still in production.

i though it was obvious... says:

I think Deniz is right…These are photographs of American culture. Then what is in them is American culture? Then if we care to understand American culture, we should care to understand these images?

I disagree with Candy. Do you know Whoopi personally? What do you know of her personality? The fact that people think of celebrity ‘personalities’ as who they actually are is clearly represented in these images, as ‘photographs of American culture.’ And we could not reduce the choice of celebrity here to her personality anyway: is she the only one whom a ‘playful nature’ would fit? Do not stop before you reach the destination.

And finally, I agree with Leonard: we know less about the intentions of the authors on this page then of the ‘personalities’ of those above. Comments are only as serious as you take them to be.

Perhaps this is satire of the very thing you think I’m doing.

If you don’t get that, then you probably think Colbert is a Bush-supporting Republican.

Lina says:

Please could you send me 4 of the pictures? I’ve got all the others, but I want the other four in the right sizes :) It’s Snow white, King Arthur, Whoopi as the genie and the one with the blue fairy and the little fairy :) Please, it would be so nice of you!

Herbalife says:

Wow, simply amazing. Not only does the concept work, but having real celebrities associated with the very fairy tales that we all love as kids brings back the very memories we had when we read or heard the tales at a young age. :)

Ginny says:

I love all these pics, they are absolutely beautiful. But I do have one qualm: I know it might be kindof hard to find a big-name celebrity who looks native american, but at the same time, i feel they could have done better than jessica biel as Pocahontas. That’s just me.

the lost lenore says:

these pics are the best!annie is one great photgrapher.its so cool to get celebrities into these roles and enjoy the characters along with them

Danielle says:

are there anymore pictures? there’s loads more she could do!

Lewis says:

I wonder who they’ll make Ariel in the future!
who do you think?

ellea says:

Amy Adams would be a great ariel, but she’s giselle now.

Maybe alyson hanigan

Julie says:

THANK YOU so much for sharing the photos. I was trying to show my best friend the Disney Portrait Series on thier website, but it only showed the current photos. Your site shows them all. Also I discovered the other photos; Oz, The Birds and Pysco. Thanks again! Great site!!!

Melanie says:

There is a Little Mermaid one – just released!! It’s Beautiful…I love these portraits

Mia says:

LOVE Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and the one with julie andrews is very cute.
The other ones are ok

I hate Beyonce as alice, though, totally out of character, I also dislike Jennifer Lopez and anthony as Jasmine and al.

The little mermaid with Kulianne Moore has just been released, its gorgeaus

Mia says:

oopss, its julianne and gorgeous

laurenish says:

The new one is here
Thank you for having theses all on one place!

carly says:

i think these are realllly cool pctures!
i think pocahontas is the best, she looks strong and independnt and it portrays her character wonderfuly

you go glen coco

Desany says:

OmG! so many people are complaining about Beyonce as alice! Not realising that in the book Alice is a brunette. Although To be honest, Beyonce is not an image of innocence.
Rachael as Snow white was WONDERFUL, she is so beautiful!!
JLo and that other guy I don’t care about are (not terrible per-say but…) not great.
The little mermaid with Julianne Moore was fantastic!
Scarlette is a brilliant Cinderella!
Anyone seen the Beauty and the beast ones yet? Drew Barrymore as Belle-amazing.
Just wish that they had done Thumbelina!!! :'(
peace. x.x.x.

Melinda says:

@Melanie, Mia & laurenish: thanks for the info. Will update this page soon with the picture of Julianne Moore as Ariel.

@Desany: The Beauty and the Beast ones with Drew Barrymore aren’t actually part of te Disney campaign. They were done by Annie Leibovitz a couple of years ago. Plus Thumbelina isn’t from Disney!

[...] Du kan se alle de flotte fotos på Miss Geekys hjemmeside. [...]

[...] Originally Posted by jackflash Keith Richards… and yeah….Annie Liebowitz is one of the best to do it…..she’s SICK! I agree but her graphic artist are even more sick! peep these Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait Series [...]

[...] Posted by J L I agree but her graphic artist are even more sick! peep these Annie Leibovitz

Ty says:

I’m actually very pleased with the turn out. I think the Aladdin one is very cute. yes, Whoopi isnt blue and Beyonce is black. i dont really like the Beyonce thing, but think of Whoopi’s personality, it fits. Michael Phelps in the mermaid one is awesome. Jessica may not be American Indian, but she looks the part and is beautiful none the less. And Julie Andrews is the perfect Blue Fairy.

Nicole says:

I love these photos but my favorite is the little mermaid one with Michael Phelps & Julianne Moore. It’s really quite gorgeous.

Brandi says:

For those of you who don’t do your research – Jessica Beil does have Native American blood running in her veins, therefore she makes a very good candidate for this photograph.

Also the Michael Phelps merman and Julianne Moore mermaid one is AWESOME! HE is hot! :o)

Herbalife says:

It’s really quite beautiful. My favorite is the little mermaid

Marlee says:

Did you know that Disney and Annie had the audacity to cast Drew Barrymore as Belle? OMG and she’s not even blonde! Quick! Someone complain about how the coloring of the actors are totally wrong!

Oh, oh, oh!

And that Giselle lady is totally from South America, and EVERYONE KNOWS that Wendy is from Great Britain! And, also, Giselle is like, old, and Wendy was so totally, like, twelve.

Like, oh my god, no way.

For those of you who think Disney told Annie who to cast, you’re probably wrong. Annie Leibovitz is in such high demand and is so successful that she probably chose her own actors. And guess what? They’re her photos that she’s doing for Disney. If you don’t like the photos, don’t go to Disneyland. Boycott Disney. I’m sure they’ll miss you, and care about your opinions.

I think the photos are great, I love them all, they’re fabulous.

I think they should cast Jessica Alba as Mulan, next.
And Eva Mendez as Sleeping Beauty.
And Hugh Jackman as Tarzan, and Halle Berry as Jane.

Jillian says:

I like the entire series and am kinda sad that Disney has taken them off their Disney Parks page. My favorite is probably David Beckham as Prince Phillip. My second favorite is not here. It is the Little Mermaid one. I don’t remember who plays Ariel but I remember Michael Phelps (pre-2008 Olympics) was a random merman… It was pretty cool. I even remember seeing a video of that one being shot.

Moggles! says:

This page would be great if my computer wasnt being a fag!

lee says:

I want them ! can any body tell me how they can purchased ?!

amazing and pure!

Nancy says:

Pocahontas doesn’t work for me, I think she should have used Beyonce or even J Lo again as pocahontas, and Jessica Biel would have been a perfect Alice. And how about Robin Williams as Genie? BTW, the one that seems perfect for me, nad is not posted here, is Julianne Moore as Ariel, beautiful fiery red hair!!!

Nancy says:

I also agree with Marlee’s comment about Hugh Jackman as Tarzan, great idea!!!, althoough I would go maybe with Ziyi Zhang (from memoirs of a Geisha) as Mulan

widaca says:

Great Photography!,thanks.

krazycreeperkat2000 says:

best choice outstanding goldberg is the perfect genie perfectomundo!

erin says:

wow. these are all cute. i’ll add you up on my list of inspirations! haha. man! i’ve been a disney fan ever since. and this will totally inspire me to be an animator just like walt disney someday. *its complicated. XD* thank you for an inspiration!

laura says:

hey i was just wondering, could you tell me how to create a page like yours i’m desperate to make one =D

i love the annie leibovitz pictures too, and having read your comments it seems that everyone will have to agree to disagree



Prashant says:

Very Imaginative ,Great Work.

[...] Dinsey, my sis showed me some awesome pics this morning taken by the photograph Annie Leibovitz see more, those pics are just amazing ! But this one is my favorite, the light is amazing. We ended the day [...]

lilinka says:

ohhhhhhh, i love it! :)

Seb says:


Ralph Herrmanns says:

Most impressive, not the least scenography. Only one photpgrapher surpassing this, and he shows the mysterious fairytale world inside us. Of course, it is LENNART NILSSON.

Sean says:

Personally, I found Leibovitz’s Disney series with a famous cast taking the role of the characters a BLAST! So original and an oustandingly beautiful idea!
Alas, as many have agreed, some characters are not in place! Beyonce as Alice?!? Why not put, for example, Cameron Diaz instead? Beyonce would have been better off as Jasmine!
And Julianne Moore as Ariel???? I would much rather have had Christina Aguilera (with red hair obviously); not to mention that all the other merpeople, INCLUDING Phelps, are just too much and ‘drown’ the main character out, so to speak!
How about having Diane Kruger as Aurora and Susan Sarandon as Malificent? Heath Ledger would have done a nice Prince Philip :'(…God Rest His Soul

Megan says:

these are amazingly cuteeee :]
i really like them! :)

Megan says:

yeah! im on here oh baby!
i love you marissa & jackieeeeeee

Barry Miller says:

Absolutely stunning compositions by a true mistress of her craft. A great inspiration to all who press the shutter release.

DMC says:

Hey Barry, the only thing has inspired me to do, is to never look at Annie Leibovitz’s work ever again.

These are drivel.
Utter drivel.
And the majority of comment posters here need to be cleaned out of the gene pool.

Barry Miller says:


It’s strange and rather worrying when someone rashly posts stating that everyone else is wrong and that only they are right …I recall reading about someone in history doing this even when the majority of people had come to the realization that the world really was round after all. It happened again when some professional artists declared that photography would never catch on and that the only true representation of life and the reflection of the world in general was by using paint on canvas. We came to realize however that both have their place and that different styles of both give different pleasures to different individuals.

Its fine to make an individual comment about certain styles in opposition to others, this in itself can be positive and even stimulating; however overstating ones case by using words such as “drivel” regarding the content of someones work doesn’t do you any favours. The true criticism is lost in its rudeness and lacks constructiveness.

Oh well, its nice to belong to a majority, it makes me feel all warm and cozy.
Speaking of inspiration, your post inspires me to think that ……..envy really is a terrible thing.

I hope that the “Leibovitz’s school” prospers and that it encourages and inspires our youth and others to follow many fantastic and different ways in which to express themselves and to try out their own individual styles.
Long may it and other such works thrive.

Just a ‘polite’ opinion thats all.

Iozzi says:


Looks to me like DMC is either an IA or Internet tough guy. Since he didn’t include his website I can only assume his photographic and artistic skills are as pathetic as his logic and language skills. People like him are the reason I believe that the rest of the world is here solely for my amusement.

Now that I’ve outed him he’ll either fade away, respond with more uninspired flames or spend hours copying some content from someone else to prove his manhood.

[...] Bazar e na Vogue francesa continua arrasando. Desta vez, fotografada pela fodona Annie Leibovitz, para o famoso Disney Dream Series que a gente, claroam, já conhece e adoura. Julianne, fofa, interpreta Ariel, a Pequena Sereia e eu [...]

[...] characters played by fashion designers. And, in a slightly more sweet vein, the same photographer uses many famous faces to illustrate Disney fairytales. Finally, and a bit darker, are these takes on fairy tales. posted by blahblahblah (15 comments [...]

Nicola says:

Great pics. I’m going to her exhibition tonight for my course work. We have to produce our own creative photos in a similar vein to these & this is great & has given me some fantastic ideas, txs!

Riley says:

Love the photos
but ALICE is white with blonde hair so bad casting there
JLO just sorry but her face is awful in the shot
WHOOPI well i love her but she’s not blue or a dude though she has the right personality

and peter pan is just way to old the idea is hes a BOY who never grows up

i think there great photographs if you ignore those flaws

hope she does belle and the beast – and gets the hair colour and skin colour right for them lol

Tarah says:

i loved all the pictures except for peter pan it is a little creepy to see an old guy coming through a young girls window. other than that awesome

[...] Philip (David Beckham in an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot) from Sleeping [...]

[...] re-discovered them today. I think they are so clever and magical. Just thought I’d share them! Disney Wizard of Oz and Hitchcock __________________ [...]

Tony says:

I love these photos! Just about anything she does is golden. An icon to us all.

[...] Let’s get over the rant part and get to the part where I point you to a set of photos I was lead to while I was surfing Tumblr. I definitely suggest that you people visit here and here. [...]

aireeuhl says:

Wow, whoever said pocahontas is from the jungle…good job lol. They actually did really good with that because it looks like she’s running right along the James river as the ship got to Jamestown (sorry, from here.). It’s woods. She did an amazing job on these even though marc and jlo should be more intimate at least looking at eachother or just seeming closer. I love the little mermaid one but I didn’t see it on this site =(.

[...] Mellan våren 2007 och våren 2008 skapade Annie Liebovitz bildserien Disney Dreams, en reklambildskampanj, för företaget. Bildsamlingen finns upplagd hos Miss Geeky. [...]

Jasmine says:

These are the most contrived, horrid photos I have seen in a long time. Leibovitz does nothing to challenge anyone’s thinking about anything. These photos are for an ADVERISEMENT. You’re all naive if you think these have any artistic merrit. But I guess they’re aimed at the masses. So, consume people!

arda says:

fotonya sangat2 bagus sekali, salam kenal dari INDONESIA

[...] Essa série de retratos de celebridades como personagens da Disney é SENSACIONAL [...]

lasyra says:

I love them all! I think they’re gorgeous. :) But I think the fact that not all the races match up makes a lot of sense. I mean, Disney goes for the whole ‘where dreams come true’ angle. Just because a girl is hispanic doesn’t mean she can’t pretend she’s Cinderella, or just because a girl is black doesn’t mean she can’t pretend she’s Jasmine. I love that she did it that way. :) Especially having an older guy be Peter Pan!! Cuz we all know adults who never actually grew up. :P

lilian says:

wow jessica biel looks amazing as Pocahontes, she looks so strong and passionate….shes amazing

disneygirl619 says:

Talk about some dumb ass people. It’s art. They don’t have to look just like the cartoons. Get over it people. Why not get off the couch and pick up a camera and take your own photos. Why try to put someones art down? This is showing the world that you don’t have to be “White” to be a princess. Or “Young” to be a kid at heart. Try to relax with all those negative comments. How about this….If you really don’t like something why not just click the close button and look at something new? These photos are great and different. Take in some new culture. Not everything is so vanilla.

[...] the entire series here. High-Resolution [...]

[...] the entire series here. High-Resolution [...]

[...] Essa série de retratos de celebridades como personagens da Disney é SENSACIONAL. [...]

Jackieson says:

I love these!!! I think Aishwarya Rai (Bride and Prejudice) would be great as Jasmine!!! I don’t know who could be Aladdin though.

[...] “Dream Portrait Series” for Disney. It’s totally dire that you view! Epitomizes wonderment, espesh Becks as [...]

M says:

Peter Pan, old? Yeah that makes a LOT of sense. Thought he was supposed to come from NeverLand? The use of Giselle Bundchen, sexy and sultry, to represent Wendy, innocent and childlike, is really ironic, but the irony is appreciated.

I think Roger Federer would be better replaced by Orlando Bloom.

David Beckham as Prince Charming was such a poor choice. That would be better replaced by Hugh Dancy.

Beyonce does not have that quirky, animated, and inquisitive mischieviousness that Alice has. Beyonce was the worst choice out of all of them. Better replaced with quirky Zooey Deschanel or the beautiful Natalie Portman.

Whoopi Goldberg I can’t be sure whether to like it or not. It’s aiight.

The rest are fantastic and well cast.

maddie says:

those are the greatest pics! I love almost as my boyfriend! my only question is who the heck is Rachel Weisz? I’ve never heard of her. But wow!!!

maddie says:

i think that david beckam is hella hot as prince philip! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) LOVE IT!!!

Nan says:

Hi Maddie, Rachel Weisz is the actress in the first two “The Mummy” movies, sheá also in the movie “Constantine”with Keanu Reeves, among others

Daniel says:

Boy would I love to know who did the post work on these, truly beautiful work and knowing Annie’s perfectionism, her digital artist surely had to be stressed out.

omar abusaad says:

nice pictures >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

loooooooooooool david beckham as prince phillips

Annie says:

I think the micheal baryshnikov as peter pan was the worst choice, regardless of ethnicity, Peter was a BOY who never wanted to grow up, not a creepy old man at the window looking at a young girl. Basically destroys the essence of the story, and makes the whole thing look like a bad joke.

sam says:

Seriously, is everyone so stuck in there ways that they cant open there mind and see that the point isn’t to just find a celebrity that fits in with the disney cartoon, its about meaning.Disneygirl619 is completely right, its art. Everyone has there opinion, if you think its rubbish you dont have to be rude just go away.

Chelsea says:

Scarlett, Beyonce, Gisele, Mikhail, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez and Marc were all terrible choices (well Jessica wasn’t bad, but Jennifer Garner would’ve been the PERFECT choice for Pocahontas- a lot fo the same features, and she looks more Native American imo). They could not have gotten a more perfect person to be Snow White, nor Roger for Arthur in the Sword of the Stone one or Julianne Moore as Ariel and Julie and Abigaila s the fairies (it was cool to see the Disney fairies from the book and NOT the movie mentioned too). Elizabeth Banks would’ve made my day as Cinderella. What about Jackson Rathbone for Peter Pan? Granted, I don’t think he was well known when these were made, but I think he’d have made a decent one.

tara says:

the old man is mikhail baryshnikov. he is a world famous russian ballet dancer! duh! i think everyone is great, beyonce looks so good as alice! everyone may not look like there character but their personalitys or how there percieved in the media may match the character they’re appointed to

[...] I’m a big fan of Annie’s works, which is why I was so excited to find out she did a full re-imagining of some of Disney’s greatest movies to advertise the parks. On top of utilizing a great photographer, each image also is unique in that it has an unexpected collection of celebrities, like the one above with Gisele Bündchen (Wendy), Tina Fey (Tinkerbell) and Mihkail Baryshnikov (Peter Pan). The results are truly stunning. [...]

Stubbles says:

Wow some of you guys get so confused by race relations you miss the point. These are all advertisements for Disney Theme Parks where anyone can go and experience the Disney world. This is what the images convey, a sense that these celebrities are fantasising about being in that world. Imagination doesn’t get hung up on whether someone is the ‘right’ race. Any girl in the world can pretend to be Tinkerbell, Alice of Jasmine if they want to and no killjoys can stop them because they aren’t white and blonde.

[...] Annie Leibovitz, she’s responsible for those gorgeous Vanity Fair spreads and, recently, the Disney Dream Series. And I just love her work. Never mind her sexual orientation (who cares?) and never mind her [...]

[...] Adventures in Wonderland. Annie Leibovitz shot the photo below for a Disney promotion. Go check out the rest, they’re really cool. I wonder how much it cost Disney [...]

[...] guy, this guy, and this guy.  And this girl.) I like Annie Leibovitz’s pictures a lot.  Here is a series she did for Disney Parks.  Really, really [...]

[...] and cornered a distinctive and celebrity-friendly corner of the market; most recently, there was her mega-expensive Disneyland campaign and the recent Louis Vuitton series, with appearances by Keith Richard and Francis and Sofia [...]

Maddie Love says:

As an artist, she’s obviously amazing. However, I do agree with a lot of people that casting could have been better.
What about Rachel McAdams for Ariel?
She seems to capture her essence more, and they also look alike.
Scarlett Johansson was PERFECT for Cinderella, though.

Why says:

Why didn’t they use the actress that played pocahontas in the New World movie her features would have translanted better. Jessica’s kinda get lost in the picture in fact she just gets lost in the picture. Also i wouldnt have a problem with beyonce if it didnt look like her legs were splayed wide open. Alice is supposed to be a tad more lady like than that. And btw we all have the right to take these pictures as we will so if i want to freak out about it i dont need anyone chastising me.

Kate says:

Where’s the Ariel picture with Julianne Moore? No love for us redheads?

[...] til dette bildet har jeg hentet fra Annie Leibovitz serie: “Disneys drømmeportrett-serie”, hvor blant annet Jessica Biel poserer som Pocahontas og Scarlett Johansson som [...]

Diana says:

Well, what can I say… Annie Leibovitz always has been one of my favourites photographers, but this photoshoot is really cool, in fact is amazing!!

Sarah Kate says:

You guys are taking these photos way too seriously. Shut up and admire the artwork and the magic of Disney.

Herbalife says:

Amazing! That’s all I can say…

[...] because she puts so much emphasis on her shoots. (see some of her Disney Dream Portriat series here) Her editorials for Vanity Fair are always worth looking at as well. Part of my time at bookstores [...]

ching says:

i have never heard of this until now. how could i miss such awesome art!
do you mind if i reblog this? :D
credits will be to you..

Rain says:

Beyonce should’ve been Pocahontas!!

Debbie says:

honestly, some of the people posting here are being extremely ridiculous.

photography is about expression, of the photographer. NOT YOU.

If you dont like the pictures, STFU and find something else to look at.
these are all wonderfully expressive art shots. and reguardless of how many people”worked” on them it still boils down to the final result.
how long did you study the picture and capture the story from the models expressions?
1.Cinderella does seem anxious that she isnt going to make it on time.

2.Snow white is completely innocent and serene whit her woodland friends.

3.pocahontas did sprint many times in the movie, However, in ture life she was fat and extremely ugly, so if you are frustrated with anyone, it should be walt disney animation for a poor portrial of her, not the photographer.(and if you look @ jessica and the Drawn image of her its is very similar.)
4.king arthur was a boy, not a man and the sword was kept in the middle of a small english town, not by the sea.
5.peter pan and wendy were both younger, but everyone is stuck on his legs. lol look at yours and see if you could do better. and if you can, do it.
6. prince phillip….. was fighting the dragon infront of the castle thru briars and thorns.
7.the blue fairy and the child fairy. idk.
8.j. lo and marc anthony. anything for a plug. marc anthony is annoying to me, only because i dont agree with his loose morals. and j.lo, i just feel sorry for her, once the kids are older he will find a younger latina to attach himself to again and leave her high and dry like his first wife and kids, once a cheater always a cheater.
9. whoopi…….granted her skin isnt blue, but do you think honestly that these artists didnt have a choice of the character??? what if whoopi wanted to be cinderella?

like i said these are all excellent portrayals of someones artistic view. try to find a drawn image, and match it to a person. very very difficult.

Crista says:

Beyonce didn’t pay for that!! Obviously, you don’t know how this business works…

Crista says:

Annie did a heck of a job. I’ve got nothing to criticize about these pics. The production of these works…AMAZING (and that’s understating it). Yes, some people are physically different to the character they portrait (such as Beyonce), but I don’t see the problem with that. When you look at a portrait, you’re not just looking to the person’s face, but into their eyes and to their soul. So it’s not just about finding someone who looks exactly like Alice, for example, but someone who has her perkyness and innocence (to me, at least, that is more important), so in this framework of art, Beyonce does seem an accurate choice for me. Mikhail Baryshnikov is a dancer, and as a dancer he does a great job expressing himself as Peter; look at his body, his pose…Yes, he looks older than the Peter we all know, but God, does he know how to portray a magical person that has refused to grow up, to have the seriousness of an adult, a person full of cheer and MOTION! Because if there is a Disney character that moves a lot, that’s P.P.! And as for the one’s that have complained about Annie working for Disney, I can only say that you obviously didn’t have a childhood, or you must be 100 years old. But even if I had been born in 1910, I would have enjoyed Disney with my children and grandchildren. But then again, I DOUBT that’s your case. Bottom line: if you don’t like Disney, for any disturbing reason, that’s ok. But you can’t criticize an artist like Annie working for people that have given so much joy and happy memories to almost all of the world’s population. By doing this, she is enchancing that magic, and you can’t condemn it because you haven’t lived Disney’s magic! And YOU don’t know what you’re talking about!!

Oliver says:

Soulless corporate pap featuring overpaid and undertalented mannekins. No more “art” than a McDonald’s commercial.

If Leibovitz was truly capable of producing works of art, she’d be looking at a lot more respect and riches than she currently has.

Julia says:

I think the problem that many comments picked up on is that as a collection it is not in balance. I can look a Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and see a couple experiencing Disney and in a fantasy/daydream mode of living hte fantasy of Aladdin. The same with Beyonce. When you put that in a series with the once of Rachel Wiess as Snow White and Scarlett Johansen as Cinderella however they don’t work as a collection because those are so spot on how we imagine the characters. My favorite is the Snow White persoanlly. I think if they were all showing people who clearly were just experiencing hte fantasy but not close tot he chararters as we invision them or they were all spot on the way we invision them it would be better. When looked at as a collection it leaves a lot to be desired because of this imbalance.

As for the stuff about kids and Disney….it is part of the media landscape (a big part). If you are really concerned teach your kids that while it might be OK to enjoy there are also some things, about any big corporate powerhouse that might be problematic for you as a parent or for society. I love Disney! I am a vacation club member, we go sometime a couple times a year. I also teach a college course where we spend the semester talking critically about Disney as a cultural force and corporation. Most things are in the grey (Disney included). You have to be able to live in the grey and with your own decisions and teach your kids to make well informed decisions as well!!!

Good luck. These were great fun to look view, thanks for posting!

currently obsessed with A.L. which is how I found your blog — I love the Oliver Platt shot.

Annika says:

speaking as a 14 year old child…i think your all being riddiculose

she chose these people because their ROLE MODELS to children!
she’s take the concept of children idolisng princes & princesses, & transfered it to real life people who also can be idolised.
she’s taken something beautiful , and tried to re-invent our love for it.
so what if its not exactly the way you all imagine it?
that dosnt mean its not beautiful & different in its own way
I think she’s done a beautiful job, and as always, weter its annie or anyone else, she’s been critisised for it.
if it had been me, or anyone else who presented this to you, would you care?
no. its because she grew up, she’s suddenly subjected to this. she’s expressing herself, and she shouldnt be judged so harshly on that!

[...] can’t help but think about how much I love Annie Leibovitz’s Disney series and wonder if this should become a focal point? WP_SLIDESHOW_IMAGES = { load: [...]

[...] visto as campanhas da Disney que misturam realidade e fantasia, celebridades e personagens, certo? Aqui você pode ver Scarlett Johansson como Cinderela, Rachel Weisz como Branca de Neve, Beyoncé como [...]

[...] Leibovitz did a series of ads for Disney, and you can see a good collection of the older pictures here, but there are a couple new ones done now and you can see a good article about them on the Daily [...]

lila says:

Beyonce as Alice ? Seriously ?

[...] World-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz recently produced another stunning round of advertisements featuring celebrities as Disney characters. The beautifully dramatic and cinematic images are breathtaking and perfectly capture the spirit that is the wonderful world of Walt Disney. Below is a sample from the latest set, an image of Queen Latifah as Ursula in The Little Mermaid. The three new campaign images can be found on the DISNEY PARKS BLOG while previous images can be found HERE. [...]

Moody says:

Anthony and Lopez? That one really sucked big time….

[...] To see other photos in the series, click here. [...]

[...] in 2008, I wrote about the Disney Dream Portrait campaign with photos by Annie Leibovtiz, and it’s been one of my most linked-to posts (check out those [...]

Vero says:

Oh, that life could be a fairy tale:


My lips are dry
with a thirst not fit
for oceans,
only you

This desert cave
the dry season is long
Kiss the dry spell
away from me

Silly as fairy tales:
A true love´s kiss
or a Waterless death

Belle says:

PENELOPE CRUZ as BELLE?! what in the world are you thinking?! the last time i checked, Belle’s mouth isn’t as big as the solar system and Beast is a young prince. emphasize on ‘young’. Jeff is an amazing actor, i still fancy TRON, but really?!

Julianne Moore looks like Ariel’s mom.

the pics are nice, esp Snow White, The Evil Queen, Prince Philip, King Arthur – but they seriously need to cast the right actors for the portraits.

Nan says:

To me all selections are great, is the artist’s personal concept, for example, Jeff Bridges as the beast has a lot more to do with his mane and facial profile than with age, and Penelope as Belle is beautiful. I also love Latifah as Ursulla and Olivia Wilde as the evil queen, and Alce Baldwin as the Mirror. AMAZING!!!! no to comment on the rest of the series, which I already saw before, hope she keeps re-imagining characters

Dana says:

You might want to include in the caption of the new Snow White one that Alec Baldwin is featured as the spirit in the mirror.

[...] [Miss Geeky] Tags: Annie Leibovitz, celebridade, Disney, foto Share tweetmeme_style = 'compact'; [...]

B says:

The man in the mirror for the Olivia Wilde photoshoot is Alec Baldwin

José says:

10% photo, 90% digital art. I guess that’s where Annie has been heading in the last 8 or so years.

Not my style of work but to each their own.

keonei says:

Mirror Mirror in the latest one with Olivia Wilde is Alec Baldwin, BTW :)

I adore these! Thanks for posting them :)

[...] the latest photos of her work are three new pictures for her Disney dream portrait series, it’s probably nice to just focus on her love for magical motifs and [...]

Little A. says:

i dont care if some of the models are actors they shouldve used models it wouldve been nicer if they used younger models -__- especially peter pan :P only snow white causht my attention sorry..

Philip says:

I just saw these new photos in People Magazine this morning. I was amazed. I thought that after the Ariel one, She stopped doing them, as she was filing for bankruptcy. Otherwise wouldn’t there have been a few more in between?

There is a new one added to the mix. The first one not to be based on a Cartoon character, but a film character and it uses the actual actor from the Disney Movie. Johnny Depp and Patti Smith as Jack Sparrow and his First Mate, there are two photos actually. One of Depp alone and the one with Depp and Patti Smith.

[...] [Miss Geeky] Annie Leibovitz, celebridade, Disney, foto [...]

[...] con tante, tante, ma proprio tante scuse a zio Walt e ad Annie Leibovitz [...]

[...] World-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz recently produced another stunning round of advertisements featuring celebrities as Disney characters. The beautifully dramatic and cinematic images are breathtaking and perfectly capture the spirit that is the wonderful world of Walt Disney. Below is a sample from the latest set, an image of Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The three new campaign images can be found on the DISNEY PARKS BLOG while previous images can be found HERE. [...]

[...] Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portrait Series. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. [...]

Owen says:

Sorry Annie, Geeky and Lucy… didn’t think much of them at all.

Lee in NJ says:

Great pics all around. Annie does her usual amazing job for a corporate payday.
As for Disney good for them for challenging some people’s idea of what the characters ‘should’ look like. Of course Disney isn’t doing this out of any sense of nobility. They are a business. The demographics of the US are changing and they are making an increasing amount of revenue overseas. It only makes sense the characters reflect the audience a/k/a paying customers. This should allow Disney to keep extracting huge sums of cash from parents wallets for generation to come.
Go ahead conspiracy theorists; discuss.

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[...] Annie Leibovitz, she’s responsible for those gorgeous Vanity Fair spreads and, recently, the Disney Dream Series. And I just love her work. Never mind her sexual orientation (who cares?) and never mind her [...]

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