Episode 38: “We will be in the hall and then let the ass-kicking commence”

A couple of days ago Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brian did a great cross-over into each others shows. It was the final act in an ongoing feud between the three. In previous shows Colbert claimed that he made Mike Huckabee, which led to O’Brian claiming he made Huckabee, because O’Brian made Colbert. This again led to Stewart claiming that because he once interviewed O’Brian, he made him and thus made Huckabee.The three all made appearances in each other shows, filming it in such a way that it seemed as if all studios were connected by the same hallway. In reality the shows aren’t even recorded in the same building! If you don’t want to see all the videos, watch at least the last one, containing the ultimate fight scene.Here’s the first one during The Daily Show:

During The Colbert Report:

And here’s the final one during Conan O’Brian’s show: