Interesting links for May 14th:

  • Ausiello Scoop: Bill Lawrence on Scrubs’ Move to ABC – Interview with Scrub’s Bill Lawrence on their problems with NBC and the new movie to ABC.
  • Studios’ viral marketing campaigns are vexing – I couldn’t disagree more with an article. The more times I read it the more irritated I get by it. Somehow this guy doesn’t understand the essence of these campaigns, especially when he compares it to “homework”. Then the line: “When “Cloverfield” played around with viral strategies, it was cool. Now that everyone else is copying — not so cool.” As if Cloverfield was the first one?? Sorry, but this article just rubs me the wrong way.
  • Nintendogs: The case of the non-game that barked like a game – Review of Nintendogs from a game design perspective. I had kind of dismissed that game, thinking it was just a Tamagotchi on a DS. Reading this article has me intrigued to how the game actually works.
  • Turn On, Tune In, Veg Out – An article by Neal Stephenson on Star Wars and geeking out versus vegging out. Interesting perspective.
  • Logo Mash-up – Funny mash-ups of corporate logos. Love the Windows Vista + Volkswagen and Sony + I Heart New York.
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