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  • The Bézier Game: I’ve never gotten the hang of the Bézier tool in Photoshop; this game attempts to help you master it.
  • IamA underwater archaeologist: Awesome reddit Q&A thread with underwater archaeologist Peter Campbell. After reading that, I wish I had his job.
  • As A Father Of Daughters, I Think We Should Treat All Women Like My Daughters: “It didn’t always used to be this way. I used to only have sons. Things sure were different then. How merrily I used to drive down country lanes in my old Ford, periodically dodging off-road to mow down female pedestrians (you must remember I had no daughters then). Was what I did wrong? How was I to know? I had no daughters to think of.”
  • Toothless by alicexz: Adorable painting of my favourite dragon:


minecraft final fantasy 7

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Miss Geeky Elsewhere:

  • Interview at FutureBook Hack: I was a judge and mentor at FutureBook Hack and got interviewed about hackdays!
  • Running the British 10K: This Sunday I’ll be running the British 10K! I’m kind of dreading it by now. I’m running better than I did last year, but I still haven’t managed to hit 10k yet (I did 5k last weekend… just). We’re raising money for Computer Aid, a great charity that refurbishes old computers for non-profits and schools.
  • Why run an internal hackday: I wrote my first post on the FutureLearn blog about how and why we ran our first internal hackday.
  • My slides from Ladies Who Code: A couple weeks back I gave a talk at Ladies Who Code about my win at #AgileHack. Here are the slides:

Interesting links


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Links of The Day: Link Hard

February 5th, 2013
  • Engineering the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony: It’s interesting to see a behind-the-scenes of the tech used during the opening ceremony.
  • Mercator Puzzle: Simple browser game where you need to drag and drop the countries to their right spot.
  • The Jane Austen Word List: Historical fiction author Mary Robinette Kowal wanted to get her vocabulary for the “Jane Austen” era right, so you created a spellcheck dictionary based on all the works of Jane Austen.
  • Why I Play Violent Video Games: Interesting post by Maddy Myers about how she got into games. I came across the post through the awesome image “Gamer Girl” featured below.



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Tags: Geeky, Links

Links of The Day:

August 20th, 2012

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Upcoming Events:


BarCamp Berkshire Crew Photo

Here are some cool and interesting links I’ve came across the past week:

  • Hangman – You’ve Probably Been Playing It Wrong!: What order of letters should you use while playing hangman? This post actually looks at the frequencies of letters in words from a dictionary and shows how you should play.
  • Valve’s Handbook For New Employees: Valve looks like such an amazing place to work!
  • Toy Adword Wordclouds: Visualization of the words used in ads for toys. Guess which one is for boys an which for girls. It’s from more than a year ago, but still interesting to see (and I predict there wouldn’t have been any drastic changes in the past year for it to be massively different now).

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Link Love: April 2012

April 28th, 2012

I’ve been quite quiet the past couple of months, mainly because of a combination of working hard and being sick (I bumped my head pretty bad 4 weeks ago, but I’m fine now). I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging, but it’s so much trickier now that I a “proper” job. Still I’ll try to post at least once a week.

Now on to the cool stuff! Here is a roundup of interesting things I’ve come across:

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Interesting stuff I’ve come across this week:

  • Cat vs Human: spot on. Most mornings at around 6am the cats will start being annoying. Well, it’s mainly just one of them (Casey), but he’ll start knocking off stuff from my bedside table or the table in our living room. The best way to get them quiet again is to give a bit of food, but sometimes even that won’t help. Btw, if you’re based in San Francisco, Cat vs Human will have a book signing there on November the 9th!
  • Star Trek Quiet Book: Aw, this is just too cute!
  • Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting: I completely agree. Some outfits would just be so unpractical!
  • The Prestige of Being a Web Developer: Great presentation/blog post from Christian Heilmann on how the three acts of magic tricks can be applied to web development.
  • The Surprising Science Behind Smiles: Interesting Wired interview about smiles (I used a lot of the same theory in my research).
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