Interesting links for June 16th:

  • Can You Guess The Movie From Just One Letter? – Little game/puzzle where you have to guess the movies with only one letter cut out from the poster as a clue. I’m still working on it and I refuse to give up an check the answers (which btw is only possible by looking at the source code).
  • Mystery on Fifth Avenue – A couple with 4 kids bought apartment in New York and gave the renovator full creative freedom; he secretly filled the whole place with puzzles and codes. I would looove to have a house like that (although I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I “solved” it a
  • Deadly Glasses – 7 Glass designs based on the 7 Sins. I especially love the Envy and Sloth designs; they completely capture the spirit of those sins.
  • Mall of misfortune – Article about an abandoned Chinese mall that was “doomed” from the start. At the time hailed as the biggest mall ever (with an indoor/outdoor rollercoaster) it just completely failed to attract customers and retailers.
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