Photo of The Day: Eggardon Hill

September 11th, 2008

On the fourth day of our Dorset trip we went to Eggardon Hill, the site of Iron Age fort and settlement. It’s never been excavated, so all you can see (but what a sight!) are the dips and hills of how the shape of it all used to be. The view was absolutely beautiful (it’s no Austria, but I had to quell the urge to sing The Sound of Music).

Panorama (you have to see this in it’s original size and scroll right to the right):
Dorset Panorama 2

Cristiano on a hill:
Eggardon Hill

Geeks in the Country

Finding a geocache:
Geocache Treasure


Geeks in the Country:
Geeks in the Country

Thanks to Cristiano, Sheila and Harry for their photos. You can see more photos of Dorset on their Flickr accounts (Cristiano, Sheila and Harry).