Last Sunday I had a great day with friends attempting to sledge with cardboard boxes in the park near Alexandra Palace. We weren’t that successful, cause it turns out: cardboard boxes make very bad sledges. Despite our utter failure to go fast, it was a lot of fun!

My favourite photo is of me pretending to go fast:

Like a rollercoaster

Here are a couple of other photos of that day:

Walk up to Alexandra Palace

First slide (attempt) of the day

Hadley attempts a solo slide

Looks faster than it was

Spot the fail in the background

Snow monster

This cool photo was taken at MozFest last weekend: we were all asked to posed as monsters/zombies/whatever. Can you find me in it?

Mozilla Festival

Look at the original larger version if you want to see all the details. It’s a great photo and some of the faces and posed people do are awesome.

Were you there? Have you found yourself?

Yep, I’ve jumped on the Instagrom bandwagon. I never really “got” it before, but since getting an iPhone it just makes it so much easier to share and prettify your photos. Here are a couple of cool shots I took the past 2 weeks:

Docking in Dover.

Poffertjes! (mini pancakes)

Dusty says good morning.

Casey likes cuddles.


Dusty puts on his big puppy eyes look.

Time to make some awesome chilli!

Hallo Aloha Hello

I love these photos from Amusement featuring game consoles as buildings:


Cool, right? I wish they’d make more of these. Like can you imagine how a GameBoy building would like? Or an Xbox building? Check out the Amusement site for larger versions of these photos.

Here are some photos from my Doctor Who day two days ago. We arrived at Sheffield station to discover… Daleks!



It was pretty awesome; they weren’t just still-standing un-interactive Daleks. No, these were walking (well, rolling) around and commenting on people. I loved how when I got close to one (with huge camera in hands) it said: “You would make a good Dalek. You are like a mini Dalek.” (don’t forget to read that sentence with the proper Dalek voice, otherwise it’s not that impressive).




There was even a cosplay 11th Doctor:



And of course the obligatory photo of me with one of the Daleks:

Me and My Dalek

If you want to see more photos, check out my Dalek Flickr set.

As usual I’ve been pretty behind with editing and uploading my photos lately; I definitely have to get more of a routine going to actually keep up that stuff.

Yesterday I went to Opentech, an informal, lowcost one day conference on technology, democracy and community. I’ll try to write up something about it soon, but for now here’s a pretty picture I took of the Open Rights flyers:

Your Rights

To celebrate the healthiness of carrots, and the evilness of bunnies.

Happy Carrot Day!

Note: there’s no such thing as “Carrot Day”… unless you want there to be 🙂

52 Themes: New Beginnings

January 7th, 2009

As I said in my previous post, for 2009 I’ll be participating in 52 Themes, a photo every week each with a different theme. This week was the first one with as theme “New Beginnings”.

Cristiano and I got this little statuette from Cristiano’s parents as a sort of anniversary present (we’ve been together for over 5 years now). It seemed like a nice way to portray “New Beginnings”, cause I do feel as if 2009 will be a new and fresh year for both of us. This will (hopefully and finally) be the year where we both start working and get our own apartment.

Week 1: New Beginnings

I always wonder what the stories are from the people I pass on the street. Where are they coming from? Where are they going?

Life Is A Journey

Photo of The Day: Chocomel

January 4th, 2009

I’m leaving the Netherlands today; our bus back to London goes at 11 and then we’ll be stuck in there for 10 hours. Ugh. Glad to be going back, but not looking forward to the trip at all. So for these last few hours that I’m here, here’s the only “Dutch”; photo I’ve made during this holiday: Chocomel!