I’ve been a bit slacking with uploading photos lately, so here are a couple of older ones.

The Eurostar arrival terminal at St Pancras has this great little stairs right above it’s entrance. We were calling out to Reinier and it was funny seeing him look around trying to find us. Loving the DOF in this photo.


Except for making it black/white, this one is exactly as it came out of the camera. Pretty cool, although I did take it sneakily (with my camera on chest level, without it looking like I was taking a photo). Sometimes I don’t have the confidence completely yet to just take a photo; I’m scared that it’s noticeable and loose the obliviousness of the people.


This one I took during our trip to Dorset back in August. I love how sharp the bird is; although I think you can only appreciate it seeing full size.


Photo of The Day: Ratatouille

November 14th, 2008

Cristiano made this photo a couple of weeks ago with his new lens, that has a cool depth of field. The effect is very creepy:


A couple of weeks ago, Cristiano and I met up with Carlo and Fabiana in Regent’s Park for a photo shoot… where we were the models. Now neither of us are that natural when it comes to posing for photos, but I love love love how some of these photos turned out. Thanks Carlo and Fabiana!

We’ve got a whole collection of photos to choose from and we’re slowly going through them and uploading them. So far we’ve only got four of them online (on mine and Cristiano’s Flickr account), but keep an eye out for more.

We don’t have a lot of photos of the two of us together, mainly cause most of the time we’re the ones taking the photos. So I was pretty happy to have some photos of us, like this one:

Melinda & Cristiano

This photo was a bit of an experiment, but the effect is nice and quirky:


Besides some photos of the two of us, we also wanted some new profile pics. Here’s one cool one of Cristiano:


And here’s a really cool one of me:

Miss Geeky

I’m wondering now: should I change my avatar again?

Photo of The Day: Descent

October 15th, 2008

When I saw this ladder, I immediately thought I should hang over the side of the dock and make a couple of shots. I didn’t expect it to look this dreamy though!


This is my first “real” street photography type of shot!¬†Ever since Cristiano got his camera I’ve been wanting to experiment with it myself and try to make some cool pics. Now that he’s got a second camera (a D50), I’ve got time to learn how to use the D40.

What I like about this photo is how both people are so busy and concentrated, still completely in the mindset of “work”. London is truly a city that never turns off…

No Off-Switch

Cristiano got these two shots of me, when we were waiting for my parents at the Palace Theatre. I can read anywhere; as long as I have a book with me, I can easily entertain myself. Very useful when waiting for trains, waiting in line while shopping, etc.

I was completely oblivious when he took this shot:

The Constant Reader

With this second one I realized he was making photos of me:

The Constant Reader - Part 2

I love my expression in this photo!

Btw, I was reading Guardian of Honor from Robin D. Owens (read my mini review here). I had just bought the book a couple of hours earlier that day.

Photo of The Day: Mr Smiley Seal

September 17th, 2008

This is just one of the most cutest photos ever (from Flickr user ohleah):

mr smiley

Here’s a close-up:

close up of smiley seal

Photo of The Day: Eggardon Hill

September 11th, 2008

On the fourth day of our Dorset trip we went to Eggardon Hill, the site of Iron Age fort and settlement. It’s never been excavated, so all you can see (but what a sight!) are the dips and hills of how the shape of it all used to be. The view was absolutely beautiful (it’s no Austria, but I had to quell the urge to sing The Sound of Music).

Panorama (you have to see this in it’s original size and scroll right to the right):
Dorset Panorama 2

Cristiano on a hill:
Eggardon Hill

Geeks in the Country

Finding a geocache:
Geocache Treasure


Geeks in the Country:
Geeks in the Country

Thanks to Cristiano, Sheila and Harry for their photos. You can see more photos of Dorset on their Flickr accounts (Cristiano, Sheila and Harry).

During our second day in Dorset we went to a couple of cool places. As promised here are more photos:

Hardy’s Monument:
Geeks in the Country

Panorama from the countryside:
Dorset Panorama

Pretty Flowers:
Geeks in the Country

Doggie Woof Woof:
Geeks in the Country

Froggy Ribbit Ribbit:
Geeks in the Country

Lulworth Cove:
Geeks in the Country

Geeks in the Country

Durdle Door:
Geeks in the Country - Durdle Door

I promised photos of our trip to Dorset, so here are a couple of our first day there. We had tickets to the Melplash show, an agricultural exhibition, featuring farm animals, country food and the like. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was great fun! Highlight had to be the goats; they were just so cute.

Goat with a teddy bear:
Dorset Day 1 - Melplash Show

Pretty flowers:
Dorset Day 1 - Melplash Show

A “thrilling” swordfight:
Geeks in the Country - Melplash Show

Geeks in the Country

Eagle (? correct me, if I’m wrong, my bird watching skills aren’t that good):
Geeks in the Country - Melplash Show

Big bull:
Geeks in the Country - Melplash Show

Kudos go to Cristiano for all the beautiful photos; see more of them on his Flickr page.