I love how this photo of a candle turned out. Looking at it reminded me again of Carols by Candlelight (although this photo is taken inside). I’m not sure if it’s only an Australian tradition (I don’t think it is), but the idea is a city-wide gathering, usually outdoors in a park, to sing carols on Christmas Eve by candlelight. Quite fun, but then again Australia’s December weather is much more enjoyable than that here.

By Candlelight

Photo 4 from my Liverpool walk. I loved the architecture in Liverpool, especially all the different sculptures you could find everywhere. This angel stood out to me though, and I like how I’ve captured it partly in the darkness. You can’t exactly see it in detail, but the silhouette is gorgeous.

Angel of Winter

Photo 3 from my Liverpool walk. I love how it plays with the shadow and sunlight.

Me and My Shadow

Only now realising that the title doesn’t make sense. It’s not “Me” and “My Shadow”, it’s only “My Shadow”.

Photo of The Day: Sunset

December 14th, 2008

Another of my Liverpool walk photos.

Fellow geocachers watching the sun set. Loving the lensflare 🙂


Photo of The Day: The Walker

December 11th, 2008

Here’s the first photo of our trip to Liverpool last weekend. It’s a statue of Captain FJ Walker (nicknamed Johnnie Walker like the whiskey).

Looking at this photo, you’d think there is a completely different story behind the statue. A man waiting for a long lost lover, always keeping watch in the hope her ship will sail in. Binoculars and red rose in hand.

The Walker

Last Tuesday i played around with taking some portraits of myself through the mirror. The sun was just so pretty and I knew I had to at least try to experiment a bit with it. At a certain stage though, the sun shifted in such a way that the dirt and spots on the mirror were highlighted and I had to stop. Next goal: learning how to use the remote and taking pictures of myself that way.

This photo reminds me a bit of a book cover, like it could be called The Blogger’s Gambit or The Adorable Geek 🙂


The second in this series. Not my most elegant expression, but I like the contrast of the light and dark halves.


Here’s the third (and for now, I think, final) photo of my mirror session. Again it’s not completely showing my face, and I love the way my right eye is only partly in it. I should learn to make some more ‘intense’ expressions.

And My Camera

Photo of The Day: Secret

December 4th, 2008

As a kid, I loved The Secret Garden. Not the story though, but the idea, the concept of something beautiful hidden away. This photo reminds me of that; you can’t see what the end of the path is leading to… could it be a secret garden?


Photo of The Day: Polyhedra

December 1st, 2008

I love how this one turned out, with the in-focus poly-what-ya-ma-call-it in the front and the other nice and fuzzy in the back:


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Just a photo I took once, without really expecting much of it. Only later once I home I realized how good it looked.

If only I can remember which building this was…

Gloomy Heights

Me iz a moddle. Izn’t me pwetty?

1,2,3... and Pose