Okay, this isn’t really a photo, but still it’s pretty cool. Crazy 4 Cult is an art show in LA, hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. This cool poster was specially designed for this event; it’s full of cult movie characters and it’s one of those posters you can send hours looking at, yet still discovering new things. Now this isn’t even the full poster, just a snapshot.¬†For the full version, head on over to /Film, it’s definitely worth a look. How many characters can you recognize?

Last Saturday Cristiano and I met up with Carlo, Fabiana and their friend Daniel in Portobello Road. Fabiana made this cool photo of me:

Melinda by Fabiana Zonca on Flickr.

I like how the shadows play on my skin and how everything is dark except me. I want to say I was thinking of something insightful or ‘searching my soul’ (as I call this picture), but to be honest: most probably I’m trying to figure out what tiles on the ground I should step on.

Trafalgar Square

Do you ever play that game where you just sit somewhere, watch people and try to create their back stories? This photo somehow catches that type of game for me. I can keep staring at it, wondering what each person in it was wondering at the time.