Last Tuesday i played around with taking some portraits of myself through the mirror. The sun was just so pretty and I knew I had to at least try to experiment a bit with it. At a certain stage though, the sun shifted in such a way that the dirt and spots on the mirror were highlighted and I had to stop. Next goal: learning how to use the remote and taking pictures of myself that way.

This photo reminds me a bit of a book cover, like it could be called The Blogger’s Gambit or The Adorable Geek 🙂


The second in this series. Not my most elegant expression, but I like the contrast of the light and dark halves.


Here’s the third (and for now, I think, final) photo of my mirror session. Again it’s not completely showing my face, and I love the way my right eye is only partly in it. I should learn to make some more ‘intense’ expressions.

And My Camera