Ugh, December has just been too busy! Too many events, meet-ups, trips and other stuff to go to; I’ve been swamped with busyness. 

I’ve been to a couple of London Bloggers meet-ups now and I like the format of them. This time it was sponsored by a couple of winery bloggers, who each donated a bottle of their wine for some wine tasting. Robert McIntosh from organized it all, and also gave a little presentation about wine and how the one thing he wanted to achieve with this evening was to get people talking and thinking about wine.

London Bloggers Meet-up 9-12-08

Now I’m horrible with wine; the names, grapes, everything. Most of the time I let Cristiano choose, cause I really don’t know the difference between the types (or I’ll just order a sweet white wine or something down that lines). This evening hasn’t really helped me yet, but I think I should read up a bit more about wines and figure out what I exactly like.

That evening I tried seven of the ten wines they had and a couple really stood out to me. I started with the wine I liked the most: the Riesling Auslese 2003. It was a nice fruity white wine, very light and sweet and easy to drink. The second white wine I tried was a Riesling Kabinett 2007, which was much drier and less tasty in my opinion than the first one I tried, but still way better than the usual fair I have. The final white wine I tried was a Vivanco Viura, but that too was quite dry compared to my first one.

From the red wines, none of them really spoke to me. I tend to prefer white over red, but this time all the red wines (at least the two that I tried) were slightly too heavy for me. Those were the Cortes de Cima Syrah, and the Dinastia Vivanco. Looking at the blog posts from others at the meet-up, I think I should have tried Higuerela wine or the Morellino de Scansano.

London Bloggers Meet-up 9-12-08

The last two wines I tried were a port and a sherry. The port was a Quevedo Reserva Tawny Port and I really the nice strong taste of this wine. As I expected, I didn’t like the sherry; it’s just not a taste I can appreciate (my Spanish flat mates come from the Sherry region in Spain and brought us one of their wines last year. Never finished that bottle, cause I really didn’t like it).

Here’s the complete list of wines at the tasting:

  1. Vivanco Viura/Malvasia 2007, Bodegas Dinastia Vivanco –
  2. Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2007, Weingut Clauer –
  3. Higueruela 2007, from Sta. Quiteria –
  4. Dinastia Vivanco Crianza 2004, Bodegas Dinastia Vivanco –
  5. Bellamarsilia 2007, Poggio Argentiera –
  6. CVP 2007, La Casa de las Vides –
  7. Syrah 2004, Cortes de Cima –
  8. Antique Oloroso Sherry from Fernando de Castilla –
  9. Special Reserve Tawny Port, Quevedo Port –
Thanks to Robert from and all the winery blogs for creating such an interesting and fun evening. Hopefully I can learn a bit more about wine in the future!
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