Interesting links for April 9th through April 12th:

  • Vintage reproduction clothing (Pin-up, burlesque & rockabilly) – The ultimate shopping list! – Great list of shops that sell vintage clothing (dresses, lingerie, swimsuits).
  • The Many Faces Of… Alan Rickman – Brilliant. This is only the first part in a new series ("exploring a new actor, actress, director or movie on a monthly basis"), so keep an eye on future ones.
  • Top 10 Fantastic Fountains – I've always loved fountains (another feature of my future mansion will be a huge dragon fountain in the backyard). My favourite is the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome, featuring the 4 major rivers at the time (Nile, Danube, Ganges and Plate). That one isn't included in this list, but all 10 are pretty amazing.
  • The Ultimate List of Twitter Software for Mac (50+ Apps) – Good list of clients for Twitter. I'm currently using Nambu, but still not completely satisfied with it. I think the main thing I want from a Twitter client is to a) easily see how many unread tweets I have (which most clients don't really do) and b) see threaded conversations of replies and direct messages.
  • By Zeus! The Version of Clash of The Titans You Didn’t See – If you saw my review last week of Clash of the Titans, you know how much I didn't like it. Most of my problems were with the story and I hadn't realized it had gone through so many recuts and reshoots. I wish we could have seen the original cut; it would have worked much better I think.
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