Interesting links of the week:

  • Cat vs Internet: So spot on. I love the graph the cat makes!
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Tree: Now this is the tree I want next Christmas!
  • The Noun Project: Cool project to “share, celebrate, and enhance the world’s visual language. Our goal is to collect and organize all the symbols that form our language into one easy-to-use online library that can be accessed by anyone.
  • Cwora: “This “Cwora” thing everyone’s talking about is a bit rubbish” from Tom Scott.
  • How London Buses Are Numbered: great response from TFL about bus numbers.
  • Fall 2011 TV Show Scripts: interesting list of potential new TV shows for next season. I’m intrigued by 17th Precinct (world ruled by magic, not science), Emerald City (re-imagining of the The Wizard of Oz, set in Gotham) and True Lies (based on the 1994 feature film).
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