Me Wantz: Dice Rings

November 1st, 2012

I love geeky jewellery. I’ve been slowly building my collection of geeky yet pretty necklaces, but still don’t own any geeky rings or earrings (unless you count an ankh as geeky, which in this case it sort of might be since it comes from my teen obsession with Egyptian mythology and history).

Anyways, this Kickstarter project looks great and shall hopefully find a place in my geeky jewellery collection: Dice Rings! They’re spinner rings where an outer smaller ring spins in a grooved inner ring. I’ve seen these before but never with dice featured on them. So handy!

They are several type of pledges:

  • $5 Immortal Word Smith: a personal quote on their website
  • $15 Lone Adventurer: Any 1 ring, any size or available color.
  • $40 Gambler: 3 rings (rCards, r%, 2r6),  any size or available color.
  • $42 Gamer Lite: Your pick of any 3 rings, any size or available color.
  • $70 Multiclasser: Your pick of any 5 rings, any size or available color.
  • $90 Classic Player: 7 rings (r4, r6, r8, r10, r12, r20 and r%), any size or available color.
  • $130 Game Master: Your pick of any 10 rings, any size or available color.
  • $1000 Hands of Royalty: You will be their hand model. You’ll get every type of ring, but you’ll need to take photos.
  • $5000 Battle-Hardened Comrade: Come and hang out with the founders for an entire weekend.
For shipping outside of US and Canada, there’s a $10 shipping fee. I’m very tempted to do the Gamer Lite pledge. The rings look great and so geeky! I only can’t decide which rings to go for…

What do you think of the Dice Rings? Cool or too geeky?