I love my collection of geeky earrings. I’ve been slowly adding to it over the past couple of years and they keep being noticed by people! Even though I’ve blogged about a couple of these in the past, I’ve been asked so often where I get my earrings from, so here’s a list of my favourites and where to get them.

Space Invaders

Starting off with some disappointing news: these are my absolute favourites, but I’m really sad to discover the etsy store doesn’t exist anymore. At the time they were available in gold or silver colour from etsy store DoubleBJewelry for £8.35/$12.50. This is also the same place I got my origami airplane earrings from. I’ve contacted the store owner to see what happened with the store, so fingers crossed that it still exists somewhere!

Space Invader Earrings

Paragon & Renegade

Want the Mass Effect equivalent of an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulder? You can get these earrings from Sanshee.com for only $15.99.

mass effect paragon renegade studs

Pow & Bam

The earrings to wear when you’re off to see the latest Marvel or DC movie! You can get them from etsy store laonato for only £7.90. This store has sooo many other geeky earrings to choose from – I’ve also got the UFO and Robot set and the Rocket and Planet set, while I’ve just ordered three new ones too: the Lego blocks, the Balloons and the Zigzag which sort of looks like the FutureLearn logo. See that’s what happens when you end up writing a post about pretty earrings: more pretty earrings.


Twitter @ & #

My final favourite pair is actually the first geeky set that I ever got (thanks Betsy!): Twitter earrings! It’s mainly thanks to these that I realized geeky earrings were a thing and ended up collecting them. You can get them from etsy store DaliaShamirJewelry for £27.

So what are your favourite geeky earrings? Are there any that I really should get? Or do you know of others that I should blog about? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments.

Hairyyyyy Baby!

I loved Big Hero 6 and Baymax is one of the most adorable robots ever, so who wouldn’t want a cute necklace with him on it?


I’ve currently only been able to find it in this Japanese online store K.UNO for ¥ 8,800, which is about £45. I’m so tempted to get this! It’s adorable!

Me Wantz: Halloween Edition

October 31st, 2014

It’s Halloween! I’m not really celebrating it this year, except for attempting a Hipster Belle outfit today (and not even a very good Hipster Belle), but that doesn’t really count, does it?

Anyway, to celebrate I’m sharing my favourite Halloween items. Enjoy!

Eeeek Necklace – £10


Spellbound Dress from Modcloth – $89.99


Pumpkin Ring – £21.52


Ghost Earrings – £15.42


Bat Wing Headband – £18.63


What are you doing this year Halloween?

This is so adorable! I love my collection of geek jewellery and couldn’t help but order this one for myself.


It’s available from etsy store Land of Rapture (I’ve previously blogged about their Assassin’s Creed necklace) for only £9.78! If you’ve never bought anything from Etsy before, they currently are offering £5 off your first Etsy purchase if you sign up now.

You can even customise your necklace and choose exactly which of the following you want:


I’ve chosen the Green Mushroom, the Flower and the Star! I can’t wait till it gets delivered.

Me Wantz: Doctor Who Stuff

March 30th, 2013

There’s a new episode of Doctor Who tonight! I’m so looking forward to it; I loved the dynamic between the Doctor and Clara in the Christmas episode and I really want to see how they handle it further. Plus there’s the whole “what is Clara/Oswin exactly?”, why does she have multiple lives?

So to celebrate the return of the Doctor to our screens I thought I’d share with you guys some cool Doctor Who stuff I found online:

Tardis Ring – $12.50


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey – $19.95


Bigger On The Inside Scarf – $26.00


Gallifrey Cuff Bracelet – $28.00


Doctor Who Teapots – £42


Doctor Who Cookie Cutters – $6.50 (each)


For a while now I’ve had an idea that seems so obvious to me, I couldn’t understand why nobody had done it before. I always have my phone in my bag and so often miss phone calls or texts, because I don’t hear it go off. But what if I could wear a pretty bracelet that could notify me of all that?

I know there have been lately a lot of smart watches, but I honestly think those do too much. I’ve already got a smart phone I’ve invested in; the device on my wrist should simply notify me to check that phone. My own initial idea is a simple leather cuff that vibrates when your phone goes off, but it’s one of those projects that I wasn’t really sure where to start to kick it all off.


Well, it turns out I’m not the only one with that idea. There’s currently a Kickstarter project for just that: the EMBRACE+. It’s a bracelet that connects to your smartphone and notifies you by flashing different colors for different apps and contacts.

The bracelet isn’t exactly as I envisioned it, but it’s definitely the type of bracelet I’m looking for, so I’ve backed the project. They’re currently only at 13% of their target though, so I’m curious to see if they manage to fund it completely. Here’s their Kickstarter video:

What do you think of the smart bracelet idea? Do you think it could work?

Sometimes you have days where you just want to go:


For those days we have this lovely necklace from Tatty Devine (£35):

For those days where you want to go “Uurghhh” we have this necklace (£35):

And finally for those days where we just want to go “Grrrr” we have this one (£21):

Now all I need is a “Grr. Argh.” necklace…

Me Wantz: Dice Rings

November 1st, 2012

I love geeky jewellery. I’ve been slowly building my collection of geeky yet pretty necklaces, but still don’t own any geeky rings or earrings (unless you count an ankh as geeky, which in this case it sort of might be since it comes from my teen obsession with Egyptian mythology and history).

Anyways, this Kickstarter project looks great and shall hopefully find a place in my geeky jewellery collection: Dice Rings! They’re spinner rings where an outer smaller ring spins in a grooved inner ring. I’ve seen these before but never with dice featured on them. So handy!

They are several type of pledges:

  • $5 Immortal Word Smith: a personal quote on their website
  • $15 Lone Adventurer: Any 1 ring, any size or available color.
  • $40 Gambler: 3 rings (rCards, r%, 2r6),  any size or available color.
  • $42 Gamer Lite: Your pick of any 3 rings, any size or available color.
  • $70 Multiclasser: Your pick of any 5 rings, any size or available color.
  • $90 Classic Player: 7 rings (r4, r6, r8, r10, r12, r20 and r%), any size or available color.
  • $130 Game Master: Your pick of any 10 rings, any size or available color.
  • $1000 Hands of Royalty: You will be their hand model. You’ll get every type of ring, but you’ll need to take photos.
  • $5000 Battle-Hardened Comrade: Come and hang out with the founders for an entire weekend.
For shipping outside of US and Canada, there’s a $10 shipping fee. I’m very tempted to do the Gamer Lite pledge. The rings look great and so geeky! I only can’t decide which rings to go for…

What do you think of the Dice Rings? Cool or too geeky?

Wow, this etsy store has tons of cute geeky necklaces and rings! LicketyCut designs an awesome range of laser cut acrylic jewellery, referencing old Nintendo games to newer games, like Portal and Mass Effect. They do tons of different designs and I’ll only be featuring my favourites here, so make sure to check out the actual store!

Retro Batman Symbol Pendants $20 (a single one is $12)

Classic NES Controller $25

Portal’s The Cake Is A Lie $10

Mass Effect Paragon and Renegade Pendants $20 (single one is $12)

Pokemon Necklace $25

Cute, right? They’ve got a lot more designs in their store, including necklaces for DragonAge, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, and more.

I love the Portal necklace I got for my birthday (this one), but you can never have too many geeky necklaces. And this one is super pretty!

The Companion Cube pendant is available in the etsy store The 17th Bit for $39. Cute, right? The store has a couple other Portal inspired jewellery too:

Aperture Science pendant – $39

Companion Cube ring – $49