Olympics: Flag Necklaces

August 4th, 2012

I’m feeling quite patriotic with all the Olympic stuff going on, so I thought it’d be cool to see what type of jewellery might be out there to show off your country. I came across etsy store Austin Creations that among other things makes bronze pendants with the flag of the country of your choice!

Here are the ones for Australia and the Netherlands:

They have a ton of other countries on their etsy page, but I’m pretty sure if yours isn’t among it, you can just email and ask if they can do yours. Each necklace only costs $14.50 (about £9.30 and €11.70) and delivery is $3.50.

Wow, this etsy store has tons of cute geeky necklaces and rings! LicketyCut designs an awesome range of laser cut acrylic jewellery, referencing old Nintendo games to newer games, like Portal and Mass Effect. They do tons of different designs and I’ll only be featuring my favourites here, so make sure to check out the actual store!

Retro Batman Symbol Pendants $20 (a single one is $12)

Classic NES Controller $25

Portal’s The Cake Is A Lie $10

Mass Effect Paragon and Renegade Pendants $20 (single one is $12)

Pokemon Necklace $25

Cute, right? They’ve got a lot more designs in their store, including necklaces for DragonAge, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, and more.

I’ve been looking for a while now to find a handy solution for storing my jewellery. I’ve been using a sort of small basket-like container which I kept in a large red Estee Lauder cosmetic bag (which is permanently on my desk), but my cats have decided they like to sit on that… I’m scared that they’re damaging the jewellery, so I’ve been looking at alternatives.

I think I might have found that solution with these boxes from Dulwich Designs:

You can buy as many trays as you like and just stack them anyway you want. Plus they have different types of trays with various number of compartments. Awesome. My only concern is that it’s made of leather, and I think my cats might like to put their nails in that…

The boxes are available on Amazon (and a ton of other sites too) for £10-£15 per tray.

This cute TARDIS ring is only $9.95… and I’m so very very tempted to get it:

It comes from the etsy store C’s Charms, which has tons of cute rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and bracelets! Here are some more items from them that I like:

Transformers Ring – $14.75

Playing Card Necklace – $9.90

Steampunk Cuff Links – $14.95

Bronze Key Necklace – $9.90

Me Wantz: Ankh Necklace

August 3rd, 2010

During my teen years I got completely addicted to all things Ancient World: Egypt, Rome, Ancient Greece, I read everything I could about them. Somehow during those years the ankh became my lucky symbol; every time I had an exam or something else important I would always try to have an ankh with me. This went on for some time, so eventually my mum gave me a simple silver ankh necklace.

Nowadays I still wear that necklace occasionally, although not as ardently as I used to. Up until moving to London, I used to wear that necklace every single day, never even bothering to take it off. The reason I stopped wearing it that much? Having a kitchen with a proper oven.

Anyway, I love the simple design of the ankh, and have always wanted another larger necklace. But most designs with ankhs are so embellished, with too many curves or colours. I finally came across this simple one though from Etsy store Ajewelryboxx for only $20:


Nice, right? Not too big and lumpy, but still not too small. Check out more from Ajewelryboxx.

I love the idea of these! Blackboard brooches!

I’ve never really been into brooches at all, but I can imagine using these for all the events that I go to. Much handier than those stupid white stickers, where you have to scribble your name on. The downside though of these brooches? The £72/$105 pricetag. Way too steep for me!

Via swissmiss

I’ll often come across an Etsy designer with some cute stuff, but today’s one has so many lovely items! I’ve posted my favourites here, but there are so many more cute designs:

The Secret Place – $16.00

The Secret Place

Mrs Owl – $30.00

Mrs Owl

A Pack of Cards – $28.00

A Pack of Cards

I Love You – $15.00


Check out Grigio’s Etsy store for more designs.

I’m so in love with these jewellery designs from Chao & Eero right now. I first came across 3 designs in a Finnish online store, but after googling them I found more! The first is a Speech Bubble necklace (€72):


Then a Comma necklace (€75):


And a set of Quotation earrings (€82):


On Chao & Eero’s website though I found more beauties (but no idea about the price of these):









Pretty! If I’d have to choose one though, it would have to be the Comma necklace. Or the Speech bubble. Or the Question Mark ring. Ahhh, I can’t choose, they’re all so gorgeous.

Check out the Chao & Eero website for more jewellery designs.

I love quirky jewelry and this designer is certainly unlike any I’ve seen. A(r)mor designs body chain jewelry, each design different than the other. I’m not sure whether I’d ever wear something like this (doesn’t exactly fit with my wardrobe), but I do find some of these pieces beautifully unique.




For more designs head on over to A(r)mor’s Etsy store.

Via Kingdom of Style

Me Wantz: @ Earrings

April 13th, 2010

I love quirky jewellery and these @ earrings would be perfect for me!

Earrings Etsy

The earrings are available at Blended’s Etsy store for $14.00.