Who doesn’t love a geometric print? I love the optical illusion in this dress and the colours make it really stand out!

You can get this Louche dress from Joy for £55:


Can I just replace my entire wardrobe with all of these, please? I only just discovered this dress collection from Shenova and it’s so gorgeous, amazing and absolutely geeky!

I’ve featured my 4 favourite dresses here, but check out the entire 16 dresses of the collection, they’re all wonderful!

LB Code Print Dress

It’s a dress with code on it! And not just any code: it’s the source code of DOOM. Want.

Also: if you want your own code on your dress, you can get that for an additional fee.


Fibonacci Sequence Dress

We use the Fibonacci sequence for our estimation sessions (to give a rough idea of how much work we think certain features will involve) and I just love the idea of wearing a Fibonacci dress specifically for those!


Circuitry Print Panel Dress

If you want something geeky but a bit more subtle, go for this dress. It features a lovely circuitry print and doesn’t obviously scream geeky as much as the others.


Blueprint Rocket Scientist Dress

I love this dress: it features NASA blueprints of Apollo lander on the front and the Saturn V rocket on the back. Check out the photos of the back, cause it’s awesome.


As I said at the start of my post, I’ve only featured my 4 favourite dresses here, but check out the entire 16 dresses of the collection!

I’m a huge United Nude fan, so when it came to choosing shoes for my wedding day, I just knew it would be a pair from them.

I went with their awesome Eamz design; it’s sooo different and awesome:

#mrandmrsgeeky - 152

While they look cool, they were also quite practical: rather than having a pointy heel that could get stuck between cobblestones, the base of these heels are quite horizontal, making them much easier to walk in.

The shoes were £200, but they’re currently discounted at £159.

I bought this dress a couple of weeks back and it’s so nice! It pretty much ticks all the MissGeeky dress requirements: looks stylish, is comfortable, can be worn with different cardigans/blazers/tops and has pockets! As a nice little bonus it has the FutureLearn steps in them!


You can currently get the dress from Joy for £30.

I’ve written about the etsy store tattoosocks in the past (see the past two posts) and I love their latest collection!

My favourite is this pair of 3D model tights! Don’t they look awesome?


The tights are available for £18.35. Here are a couple more of my favourites:



Yesterday I realised it’s only 3 months till our wedding! There’s still quite a bit to plan, but I’m so excited for it. Hopefully I’ll have time to blog about some of the fun stuff I’ve come across in the upcoming weeks!

Since we’re getting married in Delft, we thought it would be cool to base our colour scheme on the Delft Blue pottery. This navy damask dress from Closet (£55) so reminds me of that:


I was planning to have the bridesmaids in slightly different shades of blue, rather than full on flowery print, but I do love the above dress!

Brrrr, it’s full on Autumn now! Despite the brief warm stint we got recently, it definitely feels like it’s time to wrap up and bring out the proper winter coat and gloves.

I got asked by ModCloth what my best layering techinque is to keep warm, so I thought I’d share that with you: a simple yet elegant ruched dress paired with a stylish blazer and a nice warm coat. I’ve got several blazers and dresses that all combine well together, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones to add to my collection.

In this case, I’ve chosen the emerald green This is Fête dress, the plaid No Matter Putt blazer and the red-orange Pumpkin Patch Pose coat:

Autumn Outfit

Autumn Outfit by missgeeky

I love the elegance of the This is Fête dress; the colour is stunning and the neck line looks interesting without revealing too much. Plus ruched dresses are the best – they look stylish and are flattering on almost everyone!

I also love the Pumpkin Patch Pose coat; it’s exactly the right type of autumn orange. Can you imagine wearing this while running through a lane filled with autumn leaves? Perfect.

And obviously you need to pair it with some simple accessories to finish off the look. Here I’ve gone for the Right Here heels, the Cents and Sensibility bag (awesome name!) and the Hedgehog Pledge necklace.

So what do you think? What is your favourite layering outfit?

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The days are getting shorter, the weather is becoming colder. Meaning: time to bring out those warm winter dresses!

The latest one that has caught my eye is this black and white stretch knit dress from Karen Millen:


It’s a simple dress, but the black and white panels makes it elegant and interesting. You can get it from Karen Millen for £115.

I’ve blogged about my love of United Nude’s shoes a couple of times now, and their new Autumn/Winter collection looks amazing. I keep getting compliments about my pair of Fold heels; they just look so different and pretty!

Here are my favourites of this year’s collection:

Fold Hi in Fantasy

Fold Fantasy

Fold Hi in Riz Mustard

Fold Riz Mustard

Eamz Ankle Bootie in Black

Eamz Black

Fold Hi in Bang Bang

Fold Bang Bang

Check out the entire collection on the United Nude site. Which shoes are your favourite?

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I saw this dress a few weeks back at Joy and once I realized it had Delft in its name, I just knew I had to get it! I’m also currently in Delft (checking out wedding venues), so obviously I had to wear it here and finally blog about it.


The dress has a 50s style cut with a cool double strap neckline; you can’t really see it properly on that photo, but it definitely makes the dress more unique!

You can currently get the Hilarion Delft from the Joy Store for £59.