Can I just replace my entire wardrobe with all of these, please? I only just discovered this dress collection from Shenova and it’s so gorgeous, amazing and absolutely geeky!

I’ve featured my 4 favourite dresses here, but check out the entire 16 dresses of the collection, they’re all wonderful!

LB Code Print Dress

It’s a dress with code on it! And not just any code: it’s the source code of DOOM. Want.

Also: if you want your own code on your dress, you can get that for an additional fee.


Fibonacci Sequence Dress

We use the Fibonacci sequence for our estimation sessions (to give a rough idea of how much work we think certain features will involve) and I just love the idea of wearing a Fibonacci dress specifically for those!


Circuitry Print Panel Dress

If you want something geeky but a bit more subtle, go for this dress. It features a lovely circuitry print and doesn’t obviously scream geeky as much as the others.


Blueprint Rocket Scientist Dress

I love this dress: it features NASA blueprints of Apollo lander on the front and the Saturn V rocket on the back. Check out the photos of the back, cause it’s awesome.


As I said at the start of my post, I’ve only featured my 4 favourite dresses here, but check out the entire 16 dresses of the collection!

I’m a huge United Nude fan, so when it came to choosing shoes for my wedding day, I just knew it would be a pair from them.

I went with their awesome Eamz design; it’s sooo different and awesome:

#mrandmrsgeeky - 152

While they look cool, they were also quite practical: rather than having a pointy heel that could get stuck between cobblestones, the base of these heels are quite horizontal, making them much easier to walk in.

The shoes were £200, but they’re currently discounted at £159.

I’ve written about the etsy store tattoosocks in the past (see the past two posts) and I love their latest collection!

My favourite is this pair of 3D model tights! Don’t they look awesome?


The tights are available for £18.35. Here are a couple more of my favourites: