Who doesn’t love a geometric print? I love the optical illusion in this dress and the colours make it really stand out!

You can get this Louche dress from Joy for £55:


I bought this dress a couple of weeks back and it’s so nice! It pretty much ticks all the MissGeeky dress requirements: looks stylish, is comfortable, can be worn with different cardigans/blazers/tops and has pockets! As a nice little bonus it has the FutureLearn steps in them!


You can currently get the dress from Joy for £30.

Yesterday I realised it’s only 3 months till our wedding! There’s still quite a bit to plan, but I’m so excited for it. Hopefully I’ll have time to blog about some of the fun stuff I’ve come across in the upcoming weeks!

Since we’re getting married in Delft, we thought it would be cool to base our colour scheme on the Delft Blue pottery. This navy damask dress from Closet (£55) so reminds me of that:


I was planning to have the bridesmaids in slightly different shades of blue, rather than full on flowery print, but I do love the above dress!

The days are getting shorter, the weather is becoming colder. Meaning: time to bring out those warm winter dresses!

The latest one that has caught my eye is this black and white stretch knit dress from Karen Millen:


It’s a simple dress, but the black and white panels makes it elegant and interesting. You can get it from Karen Millen for £115.

I saw this dress a few weeks back at Joy and once I realized it had Delft in its name, I just knew I had to get it! I’m also currently in Delft (checking out wedding venues), so obviously I had to wear it here and finally blog about it.


The dress has a 50s style cut with a cool double strap neckline; you can’t really see it properly on that photo, but it definitely makes the dress more unique!

You can currently get the Hilarion Delft from the Joy Store for £59.

What do you call an adorable dress featuring numbers in its design? Obviously: The Sum of Adorable!

the sum of adorable

You can get this dress for $79 on ModCloth. I still have never ordered something from ModCloth, mainly cause I know how tricky it is for me to get stuff to fit right and I just can’t help but think ordering clothes online is still too much hassle. Anyone else have any experience with ModCloth so far?

It’s Spring! I got this dress a few weeks back while it was still cold, but the flowers really make it a proper spring dress.


You can find this dress at The Joy Store for only £30.

Dress of The Day: Quilt Dress

November 26th, 2013

I think Miss Selfridge is slowly becoming my favourite store for dresses. I keep coming across interesting and flattering designs! I bought this dress last week and it’s so pretty, comfy and warm:


Cute, right? It’s available at Miss Selfridge for £49.

When is a dress a dress? I bought two what-I-thought-were-dresses last Sunday at Dorothy Perkins. Only it turns out that both of them aren’t on the website as dresses, but as tunics…

The first one is a black polka dot flare dress:


I admit it does look a bit too short on the model and for her I’d say it is a tunic. On me though, it falls longer than that (to about two-thirds of my thigh).

And here’s the second one:


Again it’s pretty similar; it falls much longer for me than for the model. I love both these “dresses” though; I’ve only had them a week, but they’re both comfy and pretty.

I usually don’t post articles this late at night when barely anyone is awake to actually see it, but with this dress it felt like the right thing to do:


Cute! I love the print, plus the cut of the dress looks super flattering. Is it bad that I kind of wished it would glow in the dark?

It’s available from Modcloth for $129.99.