After the last boob Dress of The Day, I thought we needed something double as awesome than normal to make up for the previous one’s horribleness. I’m sort of cheating here though, cause I have blogged about this dress before…

Today’s Dress of the Day is this gorgeous Marchesa gown:

Do you recognize it yet? It’s the dress Olivia Wilde wore to the Golden Globes last year:

If I ever had a gala or award ceremony to go to, I’d so want a dress like this (or any Marchesa dress actually, most of them are gorgeous). It’s available on the US Outnet for the lovely price of $3599.10.

So far my Dress of The Day posts have always highlighted dresses I really want to get myself (sidenote: I got my hands on that pretty lace print dress from last week; it looks awesome). Today’s dress from Topshop though… I can’t imagine who would ever want to wear it! you’re basically wearing a big sign going “Hey, look at my boobs! My boobs are here!!!”.

If you want to get this “gorgeous” dress, it’s available at Topshop for £48.

I own a lot of skater dresses; it just suits my body type the best, accentuating the good bits, and hiding the bad. Most of the ones I have though are quite boringly in just one colour. I would love to add some more nice patterns to my wardrobe. This Alice In Wonderland inspired print from New Look is exactly what I’m looking for:

It’s available at New Look for only £22.99 and comes with the thin belt depicted in the photo.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

I thought I’d start a new recurring blog post all about dresses; I keep coming across pretty (and sometimes geeky) dresses I want to share with you all! And to keep it in line with my Video of The Day and Photo of The Day posts, I’m calling it Dress of The Day.

First up, is the polka-dot dress from Dorothy Perkins (available here for £52):